Parade S 20/40/60


PARADE S 20/40/60 is a modular and adjustable super flux, high luminance bar featuring 20 LEDs grouped in clusters of 4 LEDs each.

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Parade S R 20/40


PARADE S R 20/40 is a modular, super flux, high luminance recessed linear LED module that, featuring an IP67 weather protection along with a compact size and a light weight manageability, can be installed in-ground for use in pedestrian areas.

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With all the renowned, uncountable advantages of the single powerful LED that is fitted with, the brand new IP65 rated GoboLED projects a bright and accurate rendition of graphic designs or logos in outdoor and indoor locations with the help of a dichroic or metal gobo.

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JASPER fulfills a multiplicity of architectural and landscape illumination needs in RGBW, dynamic white, or static white light.  The luminaire features 60 high power LEDs fitted with precision lenses to produce nine different distribution patterns ranging from an ultra-narrow 4° spot to elliptical wide beams in horizontal or vertical orientations. 



Specific for architectural projects demanding for impressive though sustainable lighting performance, the newly engineered ONYX features an incomparably functional, ultra-narrow, sharp, long-shot beam of light capable of reaching previously unthinkable distances with amazing precision and even light distribution.

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Ruby R


Featuring shallow recessed depth, RUBY R will unquestionably allow comfortable in-ground installation.

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A large dot unit featuring 6 high brightness and power LEDs, Graph-i-Cell is a single pixel fixture that can be easily assembled with other units of its kind to screen low resolution video files and graphic patterns.

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Powershine MK2 S


POWERSHINE MK2 S, using 96 powerful RGBW,DW,CW,or WW LEDs, is the technologically advanced edition of its renowned architectural wall washer forerunner, whose significantly enhanced output performance will set the industry standard bar higher.

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Graph-i-Line 20/40


Graph-i-Line 20 and Graph-i-Line 40 is a newly conceived versatile and powerful architectural LED fixture that enables an endless layout of patterns and graphics display with an optimal pixel resolution

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Powershine MK2 D


POWERSHINE MK2 D uses a total of 192 powerful RGBW,DW,CW,or WW LEDs and is available with a vast choice of optics for the maximum lighting design flexibility.

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Meeting the most demanding architectural requirements, the newly engineered CORAL features 64 premium quality RGBW, DW, CW, or WW high power LEDs, coupled with a variety of high build and design optics groups for the utmost optical efficiency, balanced projection and photometric flexibility.

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Benefiting from state of the art electronic color mixing, EMERALD features 60 RGBW,DW,CW,or WW premium quality high power LEDs, coupled with a variety of high build and design optics groups for the utmost optical efficiency, balanced projection and photometric flexibility.

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GRIVEN comprehensive catalogue of outdoor, indoor and underwater LED lighting fixtures has become an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the most renowned lighting designers and architects the world over.

Wherever sustainability, energy efficiency and indisputable performance are required, our products for modular, wall-washing, recessed, media pixel and façade lighting applications are always at the forefront.

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