MASTER OF LIGHT 2021, Budapest Hungary

MASTER OF LIGHT 2021, Budapest Hungary

The Award was established and supported in 2015 on the occasion of the International Year of Light by our commercial partner in Hungary, LISYS-PROJECT Kft. Griven will be main sponsor of the 2021 edition, supported also by the Hungarian Interior Designers Association, the Electrical Engineering Department of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers, the Hungarian Architecture Journal and the Architects' Forum, among the others.  

Recognizing the most outstanding Master of Light of the year, this prestigious award aims at drawing the attention to the work of lighting designers, architects, interior designers, visual artists, electrical designers and other related professionals, which have contributed to the development of the lighting culture in Hungary.  

The prize giving ceremony was held in the Hall of Art, a beautiful neoclassical heritage building located in the heart of Budapest, during a gala evening on March, 2nd 2022 where we were represented by our Sales Manager in charge of the area, Mr Marcello Balzanelli.

The project entitled LightArchitecture was awarded by the curators Bálint Botzheim and Sándor Böröcz, CEO of Lisys Project, with the BIGSEE Interior Design Award 2021 Grand Prix. More prizes were distributed to winners of different categories. In addition to the professional content, there was enough space for informal conversations and live art exhibitions. The snow-white "canvas” walls of Room 1 were awakened by pictures painted with a play of light. Within the walls brought to life, the Living Picture Theater presented its solo production Daráncán.

The significance of this initiative went far beyond the competition in itself, embracing the values of the lighting design culture in the world.
MASTER OF LIGHT 2021, Budapest Hungary

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