An... illuminating Eklipse

Designed for specific application on windowsills, EKLIPSE is an LED graphic light shaper, which highlights the inner frames or the outer edges of windows, balconies or repeating architectural elements, while designing appealing optical effects on residential, public, historical or artistic building façades. Its newly engineered, extremely compact, minimal body houses 4 high power LEDs. Its capability of producing suggestive accent lighting effects and attractive color scenes makes it a must for the lighting designers who wish to implement new solutions without renouncing high-level performances. The combination of RGBWLEDs provides an unprecedented astonishing white light output quality, as well as a wide variety of intermediate color hues for a broad range of application purposes.  White color temperatures or monochrome LED configurations help the creation of boundless accent lighting solutions. EKLIPSE features functional efficiency whereas spectacularly dynamic lighting performance is assured by digital control of all functions from external DMX512 controller. Moreover, it can be easily adjusted according to the different inclinations of windowsills in order to enhance its performance.
Eklipse frontaleEklipse frontale
Eklipse frontaleEklipse frontale
Eklipse RGBWEklipse RGBW
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