the consolidation of a myth

Officially presented at L+B 2018, the new DMX controllable version of ORPHEO S represents a technically improved and aesthetically advanced evolution of a well renowned luminaire. Besides the usual warm and cold white light series, the new IP66 rated version is now available in RGBW color changing as well as dynamic white and monochrome configurations, all combinable with different optics choices for the utmost lighting design flexibility and maximum chromatic adaptability. Now equipped with 12 or 24 LEDs in a slightly modified cubical housing, ORPHEO S wall-mount diffusers feature single (downwards) or double (downwards and upwards) vertical light shafts providing elegant accent lighting effects. The double light shaft versions, on request, can now feature independent LED color and optics configurations combined with fully autonomous control of each LED cluster. Moreover, the integrated electronic driver guarantees comfortable set-up and reduced installation space. Featuring the same technical characteristics, the cylindrical housing version is currently under development and will be soon available.
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