Engineered to meet the growing expectations of top lighting designers, seeking a compact but powerful LED fixture, the brand-new JUPITER exceeds the performance limits in its product category. This elegant and versatile floodlight is capable of impressing with an extraordinary luminous efficacy and a wide range of configurations, allowing maximum flexibility and creativity. Providing spot, flood, and accent lighting effects, JUPITER is the ideal solution for the demanding needs of the most imaginative architectural lighting specifications.
With a modern, clean design for minimal impact on the urban landscape, JUPITER is a versatile medium-throw, exterior surface mounted floodlight, distinguished by a surprising luminous efficacy. This IP67 rated light fitting is available with RGB+W 4000K, 2700-6500K tunable white or 4000K, 3000K, and 2700K white LEDs. With eight different optical configurations, JUPITER features unique design flexibility, a lightweight and compact body, and printed front glass with no visible screws. JUPITER offers anthracite, silver grey, black or white finishes as standard options.

JUPITER MC is an alternative multichip LED configuration with distinctive aesthetics, using quad-color LEDs for superior color mixing directly at the lens. The efficient combination of powerful RGB+W 4000K multichip LEDs and unparalleled optical lenses, deliver seamless light distribution and smooth color transitioning.
Fully integrated PSU, digital DMX-RDM control functions, DALI digital management (for white light versions), and hybrid cable configurations are all part of the numerous product options. A number of accessories such as 3G fixing bracket, bee-hive antiglare filter, visor and snoot further increases this product high versatility.

JUPITER features innovative and groundbreaking technologies, such as: Integrated electronic thermal protection management with active junction temperature internal monitoring certified up to 50°C (122°F); dynamic power modulation management for automatic single-color full intensity output; dedicated white light temperature selection control channel for the RGBW configuration; RGBW colors calibration for white light fine tuning pre-set.

Jupiter is available in the Polar Edition, which is equipped with an integrated de-icing system with electrically heated front glass, to always ensure perfect operating in even the most severe weather conditions, including heavy snow or ice formation.
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