Aesthetically restyled and technically optimized, the new JASPER MK2 confirms the extraordinary performance level, which defines this product range.  In the last years, JASPER has proved to be the best solution in case of specific illumination requirements of large façades, high-rise buildings, towers or minarets where an intense lumen output and a precise light distribution were mandatory project prerequisites. Many of our most prestigious installations the world over have become architectural lighting icons owing to the amazing performance of this versatile and powerful luminaire. 
Photo courtesy: Benno Van den BogaertPhoto courtesy: Benno Van den Bogaert
Photo courtesy by: Benno Van den BogaertPhoto courtesy by: Benno Van den Bogaert
Its brand new Mark II version, showing a further refined design, features now IN and OUT hybrid cables, combining power and DMX data transmission, for improved ease of installation, user-friendliness and clean setting-up. Available in RGBW, dynamic and static while light LED configurations, JASPER MK2 meets the latest design requirements and aesthetical prerequisites demanding for powerful and efficient lighting solutions capable of delivering high level performances with a reduced power consumption. This cutting-edge luminaire also offers a wide selection of different optical distributions, ranging from 7° ultra spot lenses to 125° ultra wide optics for an absolute freedom in design.
Jasper MK2. A successful restyling.
The combination of premium class RGBW LEDs, featuring 4000K natural white, delivers the widest range of warm white shades and pastel tones assortment, besides of course the usual theoretically infinite range of intense bright tones. Featuring an adjustable color temperature range between 2700K and 6500K, the tunable white version creates a stunning visual rendering of warm tones, natural hues and cool shades altogether, thus offering an unmatched control over the creation of a vast range of the white light chromatic scale.
JASPER MK2 is also available in the Polar Edition featuring an integrated de-icing system with electrically heated glass, which assures a comfortable functioning even in the utmost severe cold weather conditions.
JASPER MK2 is a high performing luminaire capable of meeting the most demanding requirements of large scale projects or single architectural elements such as towers, bridges, high rise buildings or skyscrapers, where long shot beams are required to reach remarkable heights with even light distribution.

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