Cologne Light Living Days.

Taking place in Cologne (D) from October, 26 to 28 2021, the LICHTERLEBNISTAGE Cologne, or Light Living Days, is an open forum fully dedicated to the design and optimization of living environments through the use of light.

During these three days, the event has shown its many visitors how versatile light can be as a design tool. During the day, seminars and interdisciplinary lectures have informed the participants about the current state of lighting technology and innovations with an eye to the future. At night, an unconventional schedule involved informal gatherings in decentralized locations where visitors could live a unique "enlightening” experience. Light "concerts”, temporary illumination of façades and buildings, workshops, and night city tours, had the purpose to make people aware of the infinite shades of lighting.

Located about six meters below the riverbed, a 461 m long walkable heating tunnel with a diameter of 3 m crosses the Rhine connecting the right and left Rhine district heating networks. Among the selected places of interest for this event, the tunnel has always been considered since its construction in the ‘80s as a pioneering achievement and a masterpiece of engineering expertise.

A popular destination for guided visits due to its technical function and architectural value, the district heating tunnel has been enriched by lighting art installations in order to deliver an unforgettable multisensorial experience to the "Lichterlebnistage” participants. A portion of the tunnel was lit up by a series of PARADE L-1 in dynamic white configuration, provisionally installed on the two large tubes located within the tunnel to create an appealing concentric dynamic effect of changing white light shades on its curved walls. Organised in the climb-back area at the end of the tunnel, live improvisations by renowned German musicians allowed to enjoy the incomparable acoustics of this peculiar sound room in a thrilling color changing atmosphere created by some units of ONYX XQ in RGBW color configuration, which enlivened this structural place accompanying the musical experience with appealing games of light.

Among the main sponsors, the sister companies of Experience Brands, Hess, Vulkan, along with Griven have supported this event with fixtures on loan, product installation, product presentations, lighting design consulting, and direct presence through domestic and international sales representatives.

Organisation: Deutsche Lichttechnischen Gesellschaft, Bezirksgruppe Rheinland with the support of RheinEnergie AG.
Cologne Light Living Days.

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