Color or white? It's your choice!

Our color changing LED luminaires have been delivering a new identity to many iconic structures across the globe for more than two decades. We have proudly illuminated the most diverse array of urban landscapes in bright or soft shades, dynamic or static hues, with polychromatic effects or solid colors.

Although color has been our calling for over 30 years, we have simultaneously developed a passion for the infinite shades of white light, which allowed us to rely on an enhanced and technically strong product portfolio, utilising technology and experience that spans decades.

Innovative tunable or solid white fixtures, controllable via DMX or DALI, as well as plug&play white light luminaires, are now being designed and manufactured by our professional team to complete our collection. We are delighted to offer our collaborators, including international lighting designers, specifiers, architects, and distributors, the widest range of white light solutions in the most competitive architectural and landscape lighting panorama.
To help you navigate a very diverse portfolio, we have divided our website product introduction into two well defined areas. Our comprehensive color changing range and all of our tunable and static white light products, are now easy to discover with one click.
Finding the ideal solution has never been so easy.
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