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Griven Controls Philosophy

General Features

At Griven, we have the flexibility to select from the latest and greatest in lighting control products on the market and develop them into a lighting control solution that best fits your needs.
With our experience in designing and deploying control systems, we'll work with you to understand your project and create the lighting control system that will make your lighting design come to life.

The diagram is meant to illustrate the complex details of a dynamic lighting control system; where your lighting data is coming from, how it's getting to your dynamic lighting fixtures, and some basic constraints while creating your system.
Griven offers several "standard" control scenarios to select from. If you have a control requirement that falls outside of these scenarios, we will develop a custom solution to meet your needs.
• If you already have a DMX control system on your project that you would like to use or if you wish to have your fixtures use up to 8 different preset color changes with the Auto Control capability, then we will develop a wiring plan for your data.
• With commercial building lighting controls, there are a number of ways a DMX control system can interface. Many systems have 0-10V control typically designed for dimming of 0-10V enabled drivers/ballasts of general lighting products. To operate Griven lights the control system would need to output from one to four 0-10V control lines depending on the product being controlled (for example CW or WW would need one control line and RGBW would need four). These control lines would terminate in a Griven provided box that translates from 0-10V to DMX512. Your commercial building lighting system software would need to have the capabilities to set levels and schedules to create "scenes" to best control the fixtures. In this scenario, your effects are typically limited to very basic color changes from one static color to another.
• Commercial building lighting control systems can also provide contact closure, RS-232, or even TCP/IP based signals that a Griven provided lighting control system can use to trigger more sophisticated dynamic lighting content. In this scenario the commercial building lighting control system can be the primary user interface for scheduling or triggering lighting effects. Alternatively, a separate, dedicated, and custom designed interface can be provided on a single computer screen or on multiple platforms (including smartphones and tablets) anywhere on a network.
• If you have a smaller standalone application where you would like some flexibility with static colors, basic color changing, and basic dynamic effects with an elegant wall mounted interface, we have several options to offer. Some of these products offer phone/tablet interfacing and can be very reasonably priced.
As your control needs grow more sophisticated, we develop systems based on products we can recommend, that are scalable and meet the most intense control demands. Such systems often have customizable user interfaces available to simplify control or even provide the audience a way to interact with the lighting. These systems can also be provided with housing solutions depending on your needs; such as an equipment rack to sit in a conditioned electrical closet, an indoor NEMA enclosure where space is limited and physical protection is needed, or an outdoor conditioned NEMA enclosure where no other protective environment is available. These systems also require specialized programming and must have a Griven provided commissioning agent come to site to startup the system.
• When your dynamic control needs are relatively simple, but you must have astronomical time clock triggering or basic external triggering and/or possibly some simple triggering logic, several solutions are available. They typically use proprietary computing platforms in low profile housings and are the most cost effective of the scalable control products.
• If your dynamic system has a high fixture or pixel count or requires complex effects and/or sophisticated input triggering responses (such as interactivity) systems with more powerful processing capabilities are the right choice.
• When your content is video based, specialized servers and software are required to make the most of your lighting design. This solution is typically highly customized and very powerful.
Indoors or outdoors; wired or wireless; simple or complex we have a solution for you. Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions and for project support.

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