Chiron 4 RGBW


  • Linear module specific for wall grazing effects
  • Comprehensive selection of optical configurations
  • High brightness RGB+W 3000K/4000K power LEDs
  • 45" L x 1.4" W x 2.1" H

View LED colour configuration: RGBW40K
  • RGBW30K
  • RGBW40K
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General Features

CHIRON is a high-efficiency, compact linear luminaire designed for wall washing, uplighting, and floodlighting effects. Its surface-mounted thin profile offers a neat solution for narrow spaces. With up to four unique lengths and several optical distributions, CHIRON can be used for a multitude of applications, ranging from recessed step and accent lighting to façade illumination. The anodized aluminum finish provides a distinct upscale appearance that discreetly complements its surroundings. CHIRON is available in three static white color temperatures: 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K, as well as in RGBW and dynamic white models.
Color configuration
High brightness RGB+W 3000K/4000K LEDs
Optical configuration
19° NA (Narrow)
30° ME (Medium)
63° EW (Extra wide)
53°x16° E1 (Elliptical)
62°x38° E2 (Elliptical)
67°x21° E3 (Elliptical)
30°x19° incline 2° WW (Wall wash)
Max. Delivered lumen output
2127 to 2420 lumens (RGBW 4000K)
Max. lumen/Watt
Up to 48 lumens per watt
Input voltage
Power consumption
50 watts max.
Ingress protection rating
Impact resistance rating
External operating limits
-40°C to 50°C / (-40°F to 122°F)
5-year warranty
Internal Honeycomb Louvers Available

Light Beam Effects

  • Narrow
  • Medium
  • Extra Wide
  • Elliptical Horizontal-EL1
  • Elliptical Horizontal-EL2
  • Elliptical Horizontal-EL3
  • Wall Wash


  • IP67
  • IK06
  • DMX
  • RDM
  • ETL Listed

Optional Features

  • Anti-saline treatment
  • Internal Honeycomb Louver


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