South Korea
OURHOME is a popular premium food brand in South Korea, and has been market leader in catering, dining, and food services for over 35 years now. Its nationwide network infrastructure is a driving force for Korea’s best cooking and food industry. With 13 logistics centers, 9 manufacturing factories, and 4 advanced food processing facilities, OURHOME delivers the best South Korean culinary tradition all over the country and abroad.
"Fine food with the best taste”: The company motto encompasses the idea of healthy and tasty food made combining the love of a mother and the know-how of a chef, tradition with expertise, quality with consumer trust, passion with research, health with wellbeing. OURHOME provides various convenience foods including not only instant jjigae (stews) and tang (soups), but also chilled hams, fish cakes, noodles, seasoned lavers, sauces, tofus, bakery, snacks, rice cakes, smoked salmon, and many more deli foods of the truest South Korean tradition. About 200 product lines of HMR (Home Meal Replacement) have been released by OURHOME since 2007, gaining an unconditional consumer’s trust and an increasing popularity in the whole nation.
Lighting design
Yoo Chang Hyeok / Team Leader at Gravissystem
Lighting concept, design and installation
Product supply
Courtesy of Gravissystem
Lighting scheme
Located in Magok, a neighbourhood of Gangseo-gu in Seoul, OURHOME headquarters building features a clean, regular façade, elegantly clad with tiles in white stone. Six rows of deeply recessed windows deliver a ceiling coffer appearance to the whole façade, whose architectural layout stands out like a vertical chessboard in the streets of Magok. Reflecting a modern South Korean trend, a wall grazing effect in fluid pastel tones was required to enhance the geometry of the building façade starting from the first floor. The squared columns of the ground floor needed to be lit up in a soft shade of warm white with a uniform beam of light. 
According to the lighting designer Yoo Chang Hyeok, Team Leader of the company Gravissystem based in Seoul, the lower part of the building was highlighted on two sides through a series of RUBY MC R in RGBW color configuration fitted with spot optics. Featuring shallow recessed depth for a comfortable in-ground installation, 18 RUBY MC R RGBW were easily embedded in the pavement right in front of each of the squared columns of the ground level. Ideal solution for spot lighting and wall grazing effects, these elegant and aesthetically appealing uplighters, fitted with multichip LEDs, deliver the required effect without interfering with the architectural symmetry of the façade.
A powerful LED luminaire was required to reach with a performing beam the roof of the building with an even wall grazing effect. Nine units of Capital 300 US in RGBW color configuration were enough to deliver the required illumination along the entire height of the façade. Installed on metal supports fixed onto the white stones of the façade, the fixtures were delivered in a beautiful white finish, which leaves them totally unseen by day. The fixtures are fitted with visors to prevent undesired glaring effects. Combining a minimal, neat design with brilliant performance capabilities, CAPITAL 300 US, delivers a long-shot light beam reaching remarkable distances with accurate beam angle definition and is the ideal solution for an impressive illumination of large scale façades and high-rise buildings calling for a well-defined impact lighting. The combination of premium class RGBW LEDs, featuring 4000K natural white, delivers the widest range of warm white shades and pastel tones assortment and was the perfect solution to reach the required warm white shade, without compromising the possibility to obtain whatever color desired.
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