Al Daayen Wedding Hall Complex, Doha

Al Daayen Wedding Hall Complex, Doha

After the success of Al Rafaa Celebration Complex, Al Daayen Wedding Hall Complex has been recently lit up by GRIVEN with the help of a dynamic LED color changing system delivering an unforgettable wedding experience.

In a bid to reduce the high marriage costs and help Qatari youth get married, the local government has opened a new wedding hall in Al Daayen, one of the fastest growing municipalities in Qatar due to its close proximity to the capital Doha. Prior to the discovery of oil and natural gas sources, Al Daayen was just one of the largest fishing and pearling villages on Qatar's east coast.
Relying upon high quality standards and ground breaking facilities, the construction of this second celebration compound repays the efforts of the private engineering office of the ministry with a huge success among young people, gradually abandoning the habit of renting expensive hotels to celebrate their wedding. In consideration of the high costs for marriage (as two distinct halls - one for the groom and one for the bride - are usually needed), and of the additional charges for catering, flowers, music, jewelry and accessories for the bride-to-be and so on, the government idea of offering a tangible support to young couples is much appreciated.

Al Daayen Wedding Hall Complex provides young couples with a dedicated fully-furnished space equipped with all the needed facilities for a glorious wedding day at a very low charge. Each of the five halls of Al Daayen Complex has a capacity to accommodate at least 500 people. The halls have been designed with internal partitions that can be removed and adapted in order to convert them into one large hall with a capacity of about 2,500 people.

An authentic Islamic architectural style, enriched by a sequence of narrow windows and main entrance porches, crenellated turrets and roofs can be found in the squared building that encompasses the 5 wedding halls of Al Daayen. The perimeter walls, with their close windows topped by a series of decorative fake bowed low relieves, deliver a strong Arabic characterization to the whole complex, creating at the same time a romantic, unforgettable atmosphere. Boasting high-quality construction and excellent design, Al Daayen Wedding Hall has been built with an eye to maintaining the traditional architectural identity of Qatar.
According to the required lighting design, the exterior illumination of the complex has been divided into fixed warm white lower parts and dynamic color changing upper areas. An alternation of bright intense shades was required to beautifully enhance with color changing effects the fake windows, the upper walls, the cornice of the roof and the crenelated turrets through the usage of a DMX color changing system. 575 units of PARADE C either with 18 or 36 RGB LEDs have therefore been used to wall wash the main façade of the building, while 482 units of PARADE C-36 in warm white configuration have been installed specifically for the back-lighting of the battlements. Over 550 units of microPARADE either in RGBW or warm white color configuration have been specified to highlight the many fake windows, which decorate the perimetral walls of the building. To complete the lighting scheme, 244 units of DUNE MC in RGBW have been chosen to light up the palm trees of the compound. To sum up, a total of 1850 lighting fixtures deliver a jaw dropping effect to Al Daayen Wedding Hall Complex for an unforgettable wedding experience.

Available with 12, 24 or 36 mid-power LEDs, microPARADE is an ultra-compact and versatile module ideal for wall grazing effects, owing to its specifically developed modular optics groups. Housing in-built electronics and power supply unit, its compact and lightweight chassis, fitted with adjustable fixing brackets, allows a comfortable installation in outdoor ambiances on balconies, windows or façades where a reduced mounting space drastically limits the range of suitable products. MicroPARADE 12 newly designed stylish profile is complemented by the on board RDM function and can be fitted with plug-in and plug-out connectors or only with power and DMX cables, according to your needs.
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