Al Rafaa Wedding Hall Complex

The fast growing tradition of enjoying a sumptuous wedding is becoming part of the fabric of Doha society. Recently built in the city outskirts, Al Rafaa Wedding Hall Complex is a multipurpose structure that young Qatari couples marrying for the first time can use free of charge to celebrate their wedding in a magnificent way. Through this benefit, the Qatari government aims at encouraging marriage among young people, reversing a negative trend. At the most sought-after location in Doha, an unforgettable wedding day can be effortlessly arranged in every single detail, from a first quality catering to a breathtaking flower disposition, while the young couples are required to pay just a small fee to cover the cleaning costs. The newlyweds can also book a fabulous wedding night at the complex, making their dreams come true.

Boasting a traditional Arabian architectural style, Al Rafaa Wedding Hall Complex consists of five halls that can accommodate up to 500 guests each. According to the different needs, the rooms can be turned into a single huge hall capable of hosting 2,500 guests, this way becoming the largest wedding accommodation in Qatar. The five halls have special acoustics and advanced audio-video technology facilities. Centrally air-conditioned, the compound includes special storage, changing and guest rooms, modern professional kitchens, a wonderful garden and large parking areas.
An authentic Islamic architectural style, enriched by many narrow, arched windows and main entrance porches, can be found in the low, squared building that encompasses the 5 wedding halls. The perimeter walls, partially covered by tridimensional panels decorated with repeating geometric patterns, deliver a strong Arabic characterization to the whole complex, creating at the same time a romantic, unforgettable atmosphere. Belonging to an ancient artisan tradition, these recurring geometric patterns, reproducible in infinite configurations, have been pictured or carved for many centuries on different materials, such as silver, stone, leather and glazed mosaic, and are commonly considered representative of the Islamic design and culture.

According to the required lighting design, the exterior illumination of the Wedding Hall Complex was divided into fixed warm white parts, alternating with dynamic color changing areas. GRIVEN was charged with the illumination in dynamically changing pastel tones of specific parts of the compound. An alternation of soft pastel shades was required to beautifully enhance with a dynamic color changing effect the arabesque patterned walls, the cornice of the roof and the higher palm trees of the gardens through the usage of a DMX manageable color changing system.
A custom modular linear PARADE-X bar has been developed by GRIVEN’s engineers specifically for this project in a record time. Equipped with custom fixing yokes as requested by the project specifications, these modular linear bars fitted with 36 or 18 RGB LEDs in succession and with a specifically developed wall wash optics have been located right inside these decorative boxes in order to enhance their Arabic design from within. These sophisticated patterns result strikingly enhanced by a retrofitted illumination system, that let them shine as beautiful as ever. Soft colors, like light blue, warm white, purple, pink or different shades of green, pleasantly alternate with a smooth color transition backlighting the arabesques with a color that matches the roof and the palms illumination scheme. 1729 custom modules have been installed either on the roof glass cornice or within these decorative boxes – both at their top and bottom sides - in order to deliver a new color consistence to the whole compound. 168 units of Dune MC RGBW with narrow optics have been embedded close to every palm tree of the garden in order to light them up with the same color shade of the walls.

Dune MC RGBW is a highly performing LED color changer specifically designed for exterior recessed applications. Based on an efficient combination of strikingly powerful RGBW full color LEDs, this compact and versatile fixture is ideal for spot lighting and wall grazing owing to the wide selection of exchangeable optics groups available, ranging from spot aperture beams to wide distribution. A 2000 Kg deadweight load capacity makes this IP67 rated light fixture suitable for ground mounting applications even in vehicular areas.

Mr Raffaele Vincelli, Lighting designer at GRIVEN, asserts: ”According to the peculiar specifications, we had to adapt in a record time an existing fixture to the specific project requirements, granting the same light output quality, color mixing and reliability, in consideration of the harsh weather conditions of the location. Moreover, we have selected a special wall wash optics that could guarantee the desired performance in an optimal way”.

The final result is breathtaking: there will be more than thousand and one nights for young people in love in Qatar.
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