Al Shyoukh Terminal, Doha

Besides being a modern and well organized ferry port, Al Shyoukh Terminal is a true teaser of what you will find on the nearby Banana Island Resort. Nestled in the Arabian Gulf right off the coast of Doha, Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara is a small paradise on earth, provided with luxury facilities and attractions, that offer wonderful opportunities for relaxation and adventure, wellness and amusement. Inaugurated in January 2015, Banana Island Resort looks like a world away from bustling Doha but it is only a 20-minute crossing by luxury ferry from Al Shyoukh Terminal, located in downtown Doha.

At Al Shyoukh terminal a foretaste of the Banana Island Resort’s splendor is to be perceived in the fine Arabian style decorations, in the exclusive treatment reserved to guests and passengers, in the refined elegance of the furnishings and in the flawless operative organization of the terminal itself. In order to surprise the guests before landing on the paradise island, the construction company Urbacon Trading & Contracting has required for the terminal an amazing lighting design, capable of creating an unforgettable wow effect.
Two main areas were involved in the exterior lighting project: the main entrance gate and the port building. The main gate had to shine as an absolute eye-catching attraction in Doha’s night, a bright pathway leading to the departure terminal. Its pointed arch shape has been spectacularly enhanced with the help of GRIVEN embedded up-lighters. The interior sides of the two minor pointed arches now shine in full color with the help of Parade S-RGBW-40 Recessed with wall wash optics while the external sides of the gate have been lit up by a series of Dune MK2 RGBW with narrow optics. The upper part of the pointed arch has been enhanced by an array of Parade S-RGBW-40 with wall wash optics to deliver a pleasant accent lighting.

A number of Dune MK2 RGBW with medium and elliptical optics have been lodged along the whole perimeter of the terminal central building to light up the side walls in dynamic changing colors with a pleasant accent lighting. Micro-Clip MK2 in warm white configuration with spot, medium and elliptical optics have been installed in the fluting in order to emphasize the Arabian patterns of the walls and to create a pleasant alternation of white and color. Emerald in RGBW color configuration with medium optics have been used to wall wash the building with a well diffused colored light.
In charge of the lighting design of the project, Eng. Ammar Jano asserts: "Al Shyoukh Terminal has been revamped by the successful installation of GRIVEN LED lighting fixtures, which have given a new multi-colored consistence to this building. It hasn’t been an easy mission, but with the help of GRIVEN’s functional and efficient products, this challenging task has turned out to be much easier than planned and the final result is definitely satisfying.”

An explosion of light characterizes Al Shyoukh Terminal, which is now visible from quite far away, a prelude to an unforgettable experience.
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