Al Wakrah Celebration Hall, Doha

After the success of Al Rafaa and Al Dayen Celebration complexes, a third Wedding Hall has been recently lit up by GRIVEN in Al Wakrah, the capital city of the namesake Municipality in Qatar, with the help of a dynamic LED color changing system.

In a bid to reduce the high marriage costs and help Qatari youth get married, the local government has opened a new wedding hall in Al Wakrah, available to the citizens free of charge from the beginning of 2017. Originally a small fishing and pearling village, Al Wakrah evolved over the years into a town of about 80,000 inhabitants, currently ranked as the second-largest city in Qatar.
Available for residents of Al Wakrah and outskirts, the project, accomplished by the Special Engineering Office on an area of 90,000 sqm, consists of five halls equipped with the latest audio-visual technology and the highest safety and security measures. Completed in about 18 months, these halls already serve the people of Al Wakrah and surrounding areas, playing an important role in reducing marriage costs and encouraging youth to get married.

The government provides young couples with a dedicated fully-furnished hall equipped with all the needed facilities for a glorious wedding day completely free of charge. Each of the halls has a capacity to accommodate at least 500 people. The five halls have been designed with internal partitions that can be removed and adapted in order to convert them into one large hall hosting up to 2,500 people in an area of 7500 sqm. Welcoming up to five weddings at a time, they are fitted with special rooms for the groom and bride, which contain the required pre and post wedding facilities. The use of the halls is free, although a small sum is usually collected as a deposit, later refunded in case no damages occur.

Boasting high-quality construction and excellent design, Al Wakrah Wedding Hall has been built with an eye to maintaining the traditional architectural identity of Qatar. An authentic Islamic architectural style, enriched by a sequence of narrow windows and porches, crenellated turrets and roofs, and themed wall decorations, can be found in the low, squared building that encompasses the 5 wedding halls. Moreover, the marine character of the surrounding area has been reflected on the building using an alternation of white and blue details.

According to the required lighting design, the exterior illumination of the Wedding Hall Complex was based on fixed warm white lower parts, alternating with dynamic color changing upper areas topped by well defined white light linear contours. GRIVEN was charged with the illumination in dynamically changing pastel tones of the whole upper parts of the building. An alternation of soft pastel shades was required to beautifully enhance with a dynamic color changing effect the three windows lines, the turrets, and the larger walls through the usage of a DMX manageable color changing system.
Owing to the reduced installation space available on the window sills of the wedding complex, only an ultra-compact and versatile modular bar could be able to deliver the required effect in such difficult mounting conditions. Chosen for its specific features, microPARADE in RGB color configuration with either 24 or 36 LEDs is fitted with in-built electronics and power supply unit. Its compact and lightweight chassis, equipped with adjustable fixing brackets, allows a comfortable installation in outdoor ambiances on balconies, windows or façades where a reduced mounting space drastically limits the range of suitable products.

Due to its specifically developed optics groups, microPARADE is the perfect choice for wall grazing effects on small or narrow surfaces, where normal size projectors cannot fit in. 527 microPARADE were used to create a colored wall grazing effect on the many windows, which characterize the wedding hall. They deliver a repetitive pattern, which enlivens the whole structure at night through a dynamic color changing scheme. For the larger walls without windows, an array of PARADE C-RGB-18 were used to deliver a splash of uniform color.

To complete the general lighting scheme, 182 units of PARADE C-W-36 in warm white color configuration with elliptical wide optics, were installed behind the crenellated roofs in order to highlight in a beautiful tone of warm white the contours of the building.

A shining wedding experience is now granted at Al Wakrah!
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