Barjeel Residential Tower, Doha

The recently finished Barjeel Residential Tower represents, with its 220 metres of stunning height, the tallest building in Qatar. It consists of 54 floors, 2 of which are fully reserved to host six two-storey mega-flats while a whole level is entirely dedicated to two extra-luxury residences. In addition, the two top floors of the tower are hosting world-class restaurants.
Located in West Bay, Doha, the so called "wind tower” deserved a very exclusive lighting design which should be able to furthermore enhance the main entrance of this luxury building. All the lighting fixtures used for the Barjeel tower were therefore purposefully chosen by the appointed Lighting Designers among the wide GRIVEN’s LED product range.
72 units of STROKER 28° GF along with 40 units of PARADE D-RGB-12 28° allowed to achieve this astonishing lighting scheme, which has required a particular attention in consideration of the high light output required for an optimal final result.
Fitted with thirty-six 3W full color LEDs and designed for refined professional use, STROKER is a super flux and high luminance color changer for exterior and interior use that incorporates state of the art electronic color mixing and high reliability, meaning powerful, uniform and effective color rendering and minimal maintenance. Superb output with real uniform color coverage is provided by the newly conceived elliptical optics that can now capture a greater fraction of light with a higher transmission efficiency.
Exceeding the performance of other power LED projectors, the latest solution by GRIVEN in RGB LED application conveys a new series of units fitted with twelve 3W full color LEDs designed for refined architectural decoration. The PARADE D-RGB-12 bars are super flux and high luminance color changers for exterior use that incorporate state of the art electronic color mixing and high reliability, meaning powerful and real color rendering and minimal maintenance, where the additional benefits are durability, low power consumption, cool running and a quick light source response time. Being also a small impact lighting solution, the PARADE D-RGB-12 bars could perfectly meet the need of this challenging project.
A wider range of pictures that will facilitate the appreciation of the dramatic lighting concept and outcome will be soon available on our website.
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