Belgorod TV tower

Officially inaugurated in 2013 right on the recurrence of Belgorod’s liberation day, the new radio television transmission centre has already become a landmark in the Russian city, ushering the whole Belgorod’s region in the new era of high-quality digital experience. The over 754ft (230m) high tower is the tangible emblem of the unavoidable passage from analog to digital broadcasting signal and is a profitable investment for regional and national cable and satellite networks, now capable of offering an array of prime quality radio and television programmes to an increasing audience of eager TV watchers.

Towering above the highest Belgorod’s buildings, the imposing outline of this TV tower has been further enhanced by an elaborate lighting scheme that shows up in the evening and night time delivering a new perspective to the city skyline. Nowadays, the Illumination of this sort of structures is recognized by lighting designers as an interesting and challenging task that requires creative imagination, accurate calculations along with competent product engineering, installation, start-up and adjustment operations that only professionals are capable of.
Lighting design
MT Electro LLC
Product specification and installation
MT Electro LLC
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MT Electro LLC
DSL Ltd.
The dynamic illumination of Belgorod tower is performed by ground breaking, energy efficient LED lighting color changers powerful enough to effortlessly reach, owing to a perfect mix of selected optics and placing, the whole structure up to its height of 754ft (230m). Specified and installed by the lighting and engineering company MT Electro LLC, 24 units of GRIVEN POWERSHINE MK2 D RGBW with spot optics have been supplied by GRIVEN’s exclusive distributor for Russia, DSL Company. The lighting fixtures have been strategically positioned onto the tower metal skeleton at three different levels (at about 33, 295 and 512ft from ground level corresponding to 10, 90 and 156m) in order to perfectly hit with dynamic and sharp color changing beams the whole interior and exterior metal structure of the TV tower from bottom to top. This multi level positioning of the LED fixtures allows the creation of interconnected light effects enriched by a smooth and even color transition, while the punctual light diffusion allowed by the spot optics on the whole tower structure guarantees a high definition illumination concept.
POWERSHINE MK2 D, using a total of 192 powerful RGBW LEDs, is a double cluster configuration LED projector that offers full independent digital control of each LED bank and is available with a vast choice of optics for the maximum lighting design flexibility. The combination of RGBW LEDs provides an unprecedented astonishing white light output quality, as well as a wide variety of intermediate color hues for a broad range of application purposes. The pure white light spectrum intensity management obtainable from the Dynamic White model, that adds up to the cool or warm white LEDs set-up, creates a stunning visual rendering of warm tones, natural hues and cool shades altogether, thus offering an unmatched control over the creation of a vast range of the white light chromatic scale.

LED light sources have been selected as a natural choice for such a challenging project, due to their long life, high reliability, stable lighting parameters during operation, as well as broad options to create different light and color effects. Manageable also via remote devices, the DMX lighting control system of these fixtures offers a wide range of scenes - from the smoothest shade transition to a powerful dynamic strobe effect. Moreover, each projector has been integrated with individually designed brackets for steady fixing on the tower racks, that leave the fixtures unnoticed at day time allowing at the same time an easy maintenance service.
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