Binh Bridge Interchange, Hai Phong

The interchange at Binh Bridge has been recently provided with a ground breaking LED lighting system, which enlightens the architectural layout of this functional infrastructure with an amazing color changing effect at night.
Completed on the occasion of the 65th Anniversary of Hai Phong Liberation Day, the intersection located south of Binh Bridge has been designed and built to be the very first of its kind in Hai Phong. This groundbreaking stereoscopic interchange consists of three different levels: an underpass, a ground-level road system and a flyover. Meeting the ongoing process of urban embellishment, this innovative construction allows to easily interconnect the complex roadway infrastructure of Hai Phong reducing the relevant travel times and facilitating the busy traffic flow. Gradually improving the city's traffic network according to a long-serving infrastructural plan, this project also creates a premise for the sustainable development of a spacious and modern urban center, while minimizing traffic congestion and road accidents..
Hai Phong, Vietnam
Lighting design
Transport Engineering Design Incorporated (TEDI)
Product specification and installation
PhuThanh JSC- Hanoi
PhuThanh JSC- Hanoi
An outstanding lighting concept has been recently developed by the company Transport Engineering Design Incorporated (TEDI) to highlight with bright dynamic colors the complex shape of this leading-edge interchange. In order to enhance its different structural areas with an eye-catching illumination scheme, the designers selected luminaires with different output and power. PhuThanh JSC, leading company in LED lighting technology in Vietnam, delivered the chosen GRIVEN luminaires and took also care of the installation.
Reflecting shining colors in the below river, the lower sides of the suspended roadways of the intersection have been lit up with the help of 525 units of PARADE C-36 in RGBW color configuration fitted with elliptical optics. The fixtures were installed on the external lower borders of the structure in order to avoid glaring effects. To complete the lighting scheme, 58 RUBY R in RGBW with narrow optics along with 72 units of Zaphir in the same configuration have been installed all around the pilons, which support the ramps of the interchange, to highlight their shape in lively, bright colors.
Now, an impressive lighting system delivers the required mood to this modern infrastructure, cheering up the many commuters or drivers that every night, coming back home, can enjoy a pleasant, colorful atmosphere.

Products installed:
525x AL3479ELRG Parade C 36 RGBW with elliptical optics
72x AL4800NARW Zaphir RGBW with narrow optics
58x AL4992NARW Ruby R RGBW with narrow optics

Lighting design: Transport Engineering Design Incorporated (TEDI)
Installation: PhuThanh JSC
Photos: PhuThanh JSC
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