No fear to shine

Inaugurated on Walpurgis night 2022, Björkbornsbron Bridge is an important part of the walking and cycling path that leads to Björkborn, a suburb of the Swedish town of Karlskoga. As the former bridge that spanned the river Timsälven had been closed in 2018 due to its bad conditions, the municipality of Karlskoga explored different alternatives to allow the crossing of the river also on foot or by bicycle. The new pedestrian bridge should give the possibility to reach places such as the city manor, Alfred Nobel’s Museum, and the industrial area of ​​Björkborn in a simple and convenient way. Thanks to a professional group of contractors, suppliers, and consultants, the construction proceeded without major obstacles, and the municipality achieved its goal, getting the bridge ready in due time.

Spanning the river on a narrow stretch, this one-of-a-kind arched bridge features a simple, linear layout that perfectly blends with the surrounding green area. Asymmetrically crossing the gangway, its timber-clad arch creates an eye-catching visual effect, that has already become an attraction in town. The original, elegant outline of the 50-ton bridge, perfectly fitting in the Nordic mood typical of this Swedish town, just adds style to the functionality of the bridge.
Björkbornsbron Bridge
Karlskoga, Sweden
Product supply
Fox Belysning AB
Bravida, Karlskoga
According to the lighting design conceived by Jesper Nörthen from Fox Belysning AB, our commercial partner in Sweden, the bridge had to stand out at night in a beautiful warm white shade that could harmoniously enhance its slim profile and peculiar shape. Owing to its compact size and powerful output, our CAPITAL 100 in 3000K white with different optical configurations, was chosen to deliver the required lighting scheme to the new bridge. Installed in groups of 5 at the bases of the arch, units of Capital 100 with wall wash and spot optics illuminate the four sides of the structure with a uniform light distribution. The bridge profile, crossing cables, and lower borders are enhanced by Capital 100 Ultra Spot mounted on poles hidden in the surrounding vegetation on both sides of the bridge. In order to prevent unpleasant glaring effects to pedestrians and cyclists, 16 of the installed units have been fitted with dedicated snoots.

The final result is amazing, the bridge stands out shining in a bright, uniform white light that fully enhances its minimal shape, throwing beautiful reflections on the river waters.  

Credits: Lighting design: Jesper Nörthen, Fox Belysning
Electrical contractor: Bravida, Karlskoga
Architects: Nour Fansa, Kristoffer Hamrin and Mateusz Szpotowicz
Contractors: Peab and Tranab Photographer: Bravida, Karlskoga   

Products installed:
10x AL5005MEWWRBS CAPITAL 100 Wall wash optics Warm white 3000K  
2x AL5005SPWWRGB CAPITAL 100 Spot optics warm white 3000K

12x AL5005USWWRBS CAPITAL 100 Ultra Spot warm white 3000K
16x Snoot for CAPITAL 100
1x AL1321 Infrared Remote Control
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