Bogatyr Hotel Complex, Sochi

Of all the gleaming, awe-inspiring venues in Sochi, the Olympic Park definitely stands above the rest. Built along the Black Sea coast in the Imeretinskaya Valley, Sochi Olympic Park is home to sport facilities such as the Bolshoy Ice Palace, the Maly Ice Palace, the Adler Arena, the Olympic Skating and Curling Centres, the Central Stadium as well as the Main Olympic Village and the International Broadcast Centre and Main Press Centre, built anew specifically for the 2014 Olympic Games.
Lighting design
Svetoservis-Kuban Ltd
Product specification and installation
Svetoservis-Kuban Ltd
Ilya Varlamov
During the opening and closing ceremonies, the whole park crackled with extra electricity sparkling like a diamond, lit up by thousands of blending lights, stunning fireworks, amazing searchlights to celebrate the first Russian Winter Olympics. GRIVEN has proudly contributed to illuminate, with the help of over 1700 LED lighting fixtures - specified and installed by the lighting and engineering company Svetoservis-Kuban Ltd. and supplied by GRIVEN’s exclusive distributor for Russia, DSL Company - two significant buildings within the Olympic Park area: the huge hotel complex and the Main Media Centre.
Shaped like a fairy tale castle, the imposing residential complex of the Olympic coastal venue, has required and impressive number of LED lighting fixtures to achieve a breathtaking final result: 838 units of Jade in RGB or warm white color temperature, have been chosen to stress with artistic touches of colored or white light the architectural features of this fabulous mansion. Moreover, 105 units of Zaphir in both RGBW and warm white set-ups along with 345 units of Micro-Clip MK2 WW and 4 searchlights Imperial 4000 completed the massive dynamic lighting scheme.

Located within walking distance from all the sports venues of the Olympic Park, the two-storey Media Centre covers a total area of over 158,000 square meters and hosts within its surface the International Broadcasting Centre and the Main Press Centre. 338 units of Parade S-RGBW 20, 40 and 60 with elliptical optics along with 83 Powershine MK2 S RGBW with wide optics have been used to highlight in various colors the exterior walls of the Media Centre, while 14 Imperial 4000 searchlights have been positioned on the roof of the building to scan the sky of Sochi at night.

However, the sparkling atmosphere of the Olympics is not yet over: from March, 7 to 16 it will be revived once again in all its splendor on the occasion of the Paralympics. When the games are definitively closed, the lights of the coastal venues will not be switched off reminding to tourists and visitors the past glory days.
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