Breakfast Creek road, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Breakfast Creek road, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Promoted by Brisbane City Council, City of Lights project uses decorative lighting on local assets such as buildings, bridges and trees to highlight Queensland’s capital and its features, creating an exciting, vibrant environment at night for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Among the many city locations enlightened by this project, one stands out for its peculiarity: Fortitude Valley area and its amazing Queensland Kauri pines. Found solely in restricted regions of Queensland, the Kauri pine is a charming tree that has lived through a tumultuous past at the hands of hungry loggers. Figuring as a pleasant reminder of the tropics, this straight and tall coniferous tree, which can reach up to 30-40 m in height, can be found thriving today in Queensland’s sunniest corners.

The median strip that borders the entry of Ann and exit of Wickham Streets, houses six beautiful Queensland Kauri pine trees. Brisbane City Council engaged the lighting company Vision and Sound Technology (VAST) to produce the lighting design and fixture selection for the illumination of these iconic trees. VAST has therefore suggested the installation of a pre-programmable color-changing LED lighting system in RGBW color configuration at the base of the six Queensland Kauri pines located in the median strip at the intersection of Breakfast Creek Road, Ann Street and Wickham Street in order to create a visually exciting night-time gateway into the Valley entertainment precinct.
Lighting design
Cam Gunning, VAST - Vision and Sound Technology,
Product supply: ULA Group

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VAST - Vision and Sound Technology
Breakfast Creek road is the most likely route travelers will use on their way from the airport via Ann Street into Brisbane City and also exiting the city from Wickham Street back onto Breakfast Creek Road, via Fortitude Valley, the entertainment precinct of Brisbane. The median strip that divides Ann and Wickham streets is a very busy intersection and the six Kauri Pines provide an ideal canvas for illumination in color, offering a vibrant welcome and goodbye as people enter and exit the city.

The six Kauri pines in this installation have a slender trunk of approximately 2.5 -3.00 meters in height before the foliage breaks out above. The Lighting designer of VAST in charge of the project, Cam Gunning, says: ”High definition illumination of this part of each pine was very important to the council’s designers. Illumination could only be achieved by an in-ground fixture and, due to the strict guidelines concerning disturbance of the root systems of each tree, a shallow luminaire was required. The Griven RUBY MC R was the ideal choice for this installation, with an incredibly shallow depth of just 150mm. It was agreed that each Kauri pine would receive illumination from two sides, to maximize impact from both Ann and Wickham street directions. The authorities from Parks and Gardens were very impressed with the unobtrusive depth of the RUBY MC R, which negated any need to disturb any of the trees root systems. Performance of the chosen medium beam RUBY MC R’s is excellent, providing high output and an even illumination in vibrant color across each of the six Kauri pine tree trunks. Enumeration of fixture mode and DMX addressing is simple via an easy to use infra-red remote control.”
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