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Brussels has recently welcomed a striking architectural addition, BruCity, the new administrative center located on the former Parking 58 site. This peculiar building houses the permanent offices for all municipal services, accommodating approximately 1,700 employees of the Brussels Administration. Featuring an impressive ground-floor atrium and an eighth-floor circular council chamber, the building represents a fresh architectural novelty withing the Belgium capital city.

This publicly accessible structure spans approximately 37,000 square meters across twelve floors. Visitors can explore a restaurant on the eighth floor and take in panoramic views of Brussels city center from the ninth-floor roof terrace. Additionally, the underground parking area accommodates a 450-space public car park as well as a 109-space staff car park, on four underground levels. 250 cycle parking spaces, supporting Brussels' 'soft' mobility, preserve the building's characteristic passageways contributing to sustainability efforts.
Brussels, Belgium
Lighting design
Tapio Haapala
Product supply
Lighting designer
Olivier Anbergen
The architectural design of this futuristic structure is credited to Belgian architect Bruno Albert Architectes & Associés, while Brussels-based architect Pierre Lallemand, recognized for the renovation of the Brussels Berlaymont Building, contributed to the iconic façade. Incorporating cutting-edge technologies into its design, the building aligns with Brussels' cultural essence and architectural background. Its emblematic glass façade symbolizes the city’s commitment to openness and transparency in administration, as well as its identity as an accessible hub that promotes integration and enhances the quality of urban life. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the glazed façade of the building embodies the commitment to sustainability by optimizing natural light utilization, reducing the need for artificial lighting, and enhancing energy efficiency within the structure.
Entrusted to ACTLD - a team of talented and forward-thinking professionals committed to delivering high-quality lighting and experiential design services - the lighting design of the façade aimed to highlight the striking architectural layout of the building while avoiding glare effects. The top projecting roof, which contours the long building, was illuminated by an array of PARADE S40 and S60 fixtures (now replaced in our assortment by Parade L2 and L3) in RGBW color configuration with elliptical optics to ensure an even color distribution. Nearly 150 units of PARADE S1 RGBW, fitted with elliptical wide optics, brightly illuminate the protruding roof of the first floor. These units are installed facing downwards to also add colour to the upper part of the glazed windows. To complete the lighting scheme, 178 Jade 16 units, installed atop the three intermediate canopies, light up the recessed sections of the walls that intermittently interrupt the building's regular layout.

In addition to accentuating the architectural beauty of BruCity, the mesmerizing colour-changing effects created by this refined lighting design further enrich the building's visual allure, inviting visitors to experience the captivating interplay of colours that enhance its futuristic appeal.

Lighting design: ACTLD  https://www.actld.com/
Dedicated ACTLD Team:
Koert Vermeulen: Principal Designer
Bruno de Meester: Lighting Designer
Christina Martinez: Lighting Designer
Andrea Mantello: Principal Lighting Designer
Product supply and installation: Inytium  https://inytium.com/
Pictures: Olivier Anbergen  

Products installed:
50x JADE 16 RGB+W4000K ELLIPTICAL optics- GREY RAL 9006
25x JADE 16 RGB+W4000K ELLIPTICAL WIDE optics - GREY RAL 9006 
5x   JADE 16 RGB+W4000K EXTRA WIDE optics - GREY RAL 9006
10x JADE 16 RGB+W4000K ELLIPTICAL WIDE optics -GREY RAL 9006 
88x VISOR for JADE 16 - GREY RAL 9006
5x PARADE S20-RGB+W4000K WIDE optics- GREY RAL 9006
84x PARADE S40-RGB+W4000K ELLIPTICAL optics - GREY RAL 9006
9x PARADE S60-RGB+W4000K ELLIPTICAL optics - GREY RAL 9006
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