Brunswick Castle, Martonvásár

Built in 1785, Brunswick Castle has been for many years the family seat of Count Antal Brunswick and was frequented by Beethoven, who became friend with one of the count’s sons. A dedicated museum is a reminder of the composer’s stay in the mansion.

Restored in 1870, the castle features nowadays a neo-Gothic style. Its architectural layout delivers a true romantic atmosphere due to the joint effect of its irregular layout, the big, gothic windows, the slender towers, the many buttresses and battlements. Contributing to the consolidation of a fairy tale mood, white cypresses, gingko, maple and plane trees can be found in the park surrounding the castle.
Recently, it was decided to use an LED floodlight system to deliver an even splash of color to the walls of the caste enriched by an eye-catching color changing effect that could make it vibrant and lively in a distinctive way.
GRIVEN distributor for Hungary, the company LISYS-PROJECT KFT, was charged with the complete project development, and specified our LED lighting fixtures to comply with all the project prerequisites. Griven has therefore proudly provided the color changing effect to the antique castle with an array of Powershine MK2 S and Coral units mounted on specifically developed poles located all around the structure. Relying upon a 20-year experience in the lighting industry, LISYS-PROJECT KFT has been providing a 360° offer based on innovative lighting solutions, professional consulting and high quality service since its inception and proved to be the perfect professional provider for such a complex and demanding installation.
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