Capodacqua Hydroelectric Plant, Italy

A Beacon of Sustainable Innovation

After over 6 years, the Enel Green Power hydroelectric power plant in Capodacqua, a small town in central Italy severely affected by the 2016 earthquake, is once again generating renewable energy. Following the completion of the plant's reconstruction, entirely revamped with a strong emphasis on maximum sustainability and circular economy principles, the small power plant now also features a new LED lighting system, further affirming its commitment to an ecological footprint.

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Product specification and installation
Enel Green Power Italia
Releasing new energy into an area devastated by the severe earthquake of 2016, the Capodacqua hydroelectric plant by Enel Green Power has come back to life in 2023 after a 5-year hiatus and about two years of reconstruction work. Completely redeveloped according to strict criteria of environmental sustainability, innovation, and circular economy, the century-old plant can now meet the energy needs of approximately 400 families through the production of renewable energy. Furthermore, the Capodacqua plant is a concrete example not only of sustainability, as it prevents over 800 tons of CO2 emissions annually, but also of environmental preservation, being completely rebuilt with either recycled or eco-friendly materials.
To highlight this icon of rebirth and sustainability, Enel Green Power Italia has equipped the plant with a functional and decorative LED lighting system, capable of enhancing the plant building with dynamic colour-changing effects and, at the same time, sending a concrete signal of proximity, encouragement, and renewed enthusiasm to a territory too often put to the strain.

To achieve a uniform wall wash effect on the building's façade, a series of linear PARADE L4 modules in RGBW color configuration with wall wash optics have been installed facing downward on the upper edge of the roof. Another 6 lighting fixtures of the same type but with narrow optics were instead used to achieve the desired effect on the most visible part of the building's roof. To complete the lighting scheme, 4 CAPITAL 100 RGBW illuminate the large ducts that rise from the power plant up the hill behind. A fully wireless DMX control system allows simple and immediate management of the entire system, offering the possibility of dynamic or static color scene changes when required.

Successfully transformed by Enel Green Power into a beacon of environmental responsibility, the Capodacqua hydroelectric power plant now stands as a colourful testament to resilience, sustainability, and innovation.  

Product specification and installation: Enel Green Power Italia

Installed products:
13x AL5075WWRNRGC PARADE L4 RGBW with wall wash optics
6x AL5075NARNRGM PARADE L4 RGBW with narrow optics
4x AL5005SPRNRBS CAPITAL 100 RGBW wit spot optics
1x AL3364 IP65 Wireless DMX Transmitter
2x AL3360 IP65 Wireless DMX Receiver 
1x AL1424 WALL-TSC
1x AL1321 Infrared Remote Control
1x AL5169 DMX Terminator 2x AL5058C Start Line Box with connectors

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