Conference Centre, Riccione

Dynamic and versatile, the brand new Riccione Conference Centre (Rimini – Italy) excels with a distinctive multi-functional structure and an outstanding ambience. Designed to host congress meetings, social and cultural events, sports happenings, exhibitions and various kinds of entertainment, the Riccione Conference Centre is a modular structure that can cater for the most demanding of requirements. Located just 10 minutes walking distance from the heart of the town centre makes it instantly available for a wide variety of people.
Progetto CEIF and Light Studio
Lighting designer
Arch. Gianni Ronchetti
Its imposing, opalescent glass window structure, which is completely protected by a prominent see-through roof, required further enhancement through a dedicated lighting design that should bring to life this entertainment meeting point at night. The overall lighting concept for the project had to reflect the process of its gradual transgression to the city’s night time personality. For Gianni Ronchetti, the Italian architect in charge of the project, the main goal was to recreate natural colored indoor light, while at the same time outlining the outside contours of the building by using the power of color. Outstanding design and cutting-edge technology had to be the winning words for this project.

Reaching this ambitious goal resulted in the use of 741 GRIVEN PARADE D9, skilfully ceiling mounted to give color and light to the halls and corridors of the four levels of the "Palariccione”. The final output is aesthetically pleasing, the window panes on the outside of the building gaining an almost solid appearance through color. A further 128 GRIVEN PARADE D-RGB-12 and 14 PARADE D-RGB-5 have been installed mainly in the congress hall and in the conference rooms to strengthen the general effect.
Fitted with high efficiency LED light sources, the PARADE LED modular linear bars are capable of offering highly flexible light output. The state of the art LED technology promises high reliability meaning minimal maintenance, long durability, low power consumption and eco-friendly environmental sustainability. Moreover, the PARADE series can be installed in any position and in any orientation, with the compact size, low weight and minimalist design assisting easy installation. Such a brilliant combination of technical qualities and outstanding light performance made the PARADE series fixtures the imperative choice for this distinguished installation.

In addition 17 STELVIO CYM 300 and 15 DOLOMITE CYM 600 by GRIVEN have been installed on the panoramic terrace under the prominent see-through roof in order to enhance its outline, reaching an effect comparable to an impressionist paintbrush of colored light. The floodlight color changers produce a narrow concentrated long-throw beam to light adjacent or distant areas with high brightness and even coverage. The color mixing system with cyan, yellow and magenta dichroic filters creates virtually unlimited color hues, coupled with smooth blends between color changes. Once again, Griven know-how, technology and creative flair acting in perfect synergy have led to a winning achievement.
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