Crocus City Mall, Moscow

As a part of a wide network of conceptual shopping and entertainment complexes developed by Crocus Group Company, VEGAS CROCUS CITY, the second born in the VEGAS chain of retail-entertainment venues, opened in the north-west of Moscow, at the satellite city of Crocus City, in 2014. Rated among the most significant projects of the new generation of international retail property market, VEGAS KASHIRSKOYE, VEGAS CROCUS CITY, and VEGAS KUNTSEVO currently offer the best shopping and entertaining experience in Russia.

Part of the wider project named VEGAS CROCUS CITY, Crocus City Mall is a shopping complex of 62 thousand square meters accommodating over 200 boutiques. Considered as a true shopping temple, it hosts the very best of the most beloved international fashion brands as well as elite restaurants, premium beauty salons and multi-functional recreational areas. Representing the highest segment of the Russian fashion market outside the center of Moscow, Crocus City Mall is yearly rated among the best Russian and international retail projects.
A new outdoor lighting system
Within the recent implementation of a comprehensive energy saving program aimed at a general reduction in operating costs, the management of the Crocus group decided to renovate the existing outdoor architectural lighting system of Crocus City Mall replacing the old metal-halide lamp fixtures with more efficient LED wall washers.

A series of comparative on site tests performed by different fixtures allowed to find out the most suitable type of lighting fixture, to compare the proposed optics options and, most important thing, to get a realistic idea of the final visual effect. During the preparatory stage, a great attention was also paid to the reaction of the lighting surface to the color wash, in order to avoid undesired surprises.

According to the conceived layout and the developed project documentation, the new lighting system is now based on a dynamic color changing scheme obtained with an array of POWERSHINE MK2 S in RGBW color configuration. These powerful wall washers have been installed on metal supports located at a distance of about 23 meters from the 250m long façade of the mall. The chosen color scheme plays a significant role in preserving the architectural features of the façade and takes into account the materials, texture and colors used for the building's exterior walls, as well as its height of 12 meters.
Final result
According to the corporate style of VEGAS, the chosen color range encompasses warm tones in the spectrum from yellow to red, whereas the violet and green gamuts are also allowed. Following the general requirements of the brand guidelines, the lighting installation is programmed to synchronously or sequentially reproduce the specified color chains. The overall control system is based on the DMX 512 protocol, whereas, according to the preset programmes, the DMX signal generator reproduces the desired color sequence in consonance with the mood of the many different events held in the shopping center.

Through a well arranged illumination of the façade, clearly visible from the Moscow Ring Road, an emotional explosion of bright colors and good mood is transmitted to the target audience even before visiting the internal space. The colorful look of the complex emanates positive energy creating a friendly atmosphere, a good hint for the many visitors approaching this ultimate shopping experience.

Moreover, as a technical achievement of the renovation of the lighting system, in addition to the striking visual effect, a significant result has been achieved in the reduction of the operating costs. The electric power consumed by the installed equipment has been reduced from 24 kW to 2.4 kW. In addition, no regular replacement of the expensive metal halide lamps is now required, while the reliability of the whole system results significantly higher.
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