Darling Harbour Boulevard, Sydney

Darling Harbour, a cultural and recreational district in Sydney, is just a stone’s throw away from the metropolitan city center and offers a huge variety of leisure and entertainment facilities, including hotels, restaurants, cafés, shopping centers, museums, and attractive open spaces.

Connecting three brand new venues – the Theatre, the Exhibition Centre and the International Convention Centre – the 450m long Darling Harbour Boulevard has been recently illuminated by a smart, multifunctional street lighting system. The brief for the boulevard illumination called for discrete looking street lights, with a minimal design which at the same time could incorporate many different functions. The appointed planners wanted to integrate additional features, including colored effect lighting as well as loudspeakers, cameras and power supply options, into a minimalist and attractive lighting structure, adopting a smart and multifunctional lighting concept in order to make the outdoor space more pleasant by day and night.
Lighting design
Mike Sparrow, Lendlease
Hess, Griven
A unique lighting system was therefore especially developed to fulfill these demanding requirements, which allows to integrate multiple functionalities into one 9m high pole: white and RGBW lighting, sound, WiFi, CCTV camera integration, and projection are all contained without clutter in a single, elegant pole of the City Elements 230 series released by the company .hess.

A total of 30 specially configured CITY ELEMENTS 230 were installed along Darling Harbour Boulevard while 11 more CITY ELEMENTS 230 were placed on Darling Square. The luminaires feature the same configuration: in the top element, two 4000K LEVO LED modules ensure an even illumination to the pedestrian areas, while right below them two intermediate integrated elements with lateral outlet highlight in different colors the trees located on the edge of the pedestrian zone.
In full synergy with the sister company of the Nordeon Group, GRIVEN delivered for this integration its JADE 16 in RGBW color configuration, which, owing to its compact size and efficiency, could perfectly fit into the CITY ELEMENTS 230 poles delivering the required color changing effects. An off-site DMX controller allows the setting of manifold light scenes besides dynamic color changes and dimming, taking advantage of the versatility of GRIVEN’s JADE 16 LED spot lights.

JADE 16 RGBW is a rounded spotlight, which houses sixteen high power RGBW LEDs, as well as in-built electronics and power supply unit. Providing a vibrant and brilliant color palette from such a compact chassis, JADE 16 RGBW features functional efficiency whereas spectacularly dynamic lighting performance is assured by digital control of all functions, either onboard for standalone operation, with Master-Slave selectable for multiple unit synchronization, or from external DMX512 controller. The wide choice of selectable optics groups, ranging from narrow aperture beams to elliptical wide distribution, and the aiming orientation adjustment further enhance JADE 16 RGBW maximum flexibility for any surface mount application purpose. Moreover, JADE 16 RGBW Polar Edition features an integrated de-icing system with electrically heated glass, which assures a comfortable functioning even in the utmost severe cold weather conditions.
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