Drops of Jupiter

Crafted by the renowned artist Tapio Haapala in 2023, "Loviisa's Drops" is a sculpture that now embellishes a new scenic residential area in Loviisa, a town in southern Finland. Capturing the essence of Loviisa and ist maritime surroundings, this exquisite 3m high artwork, fabricated from brushed stainless steel, has been enhanced with dynamic lighting effects achieved through the installation of eight JUPITERs in tunable white configuration carried out by our preferred partner in Finland Ideafix Oy.
Drops of Loviisa
Loviisa, Finland
Lighting design
Tapio Haapala
Product supply
Ideafix Oy.
Lighting designer
Tapio Haapala
Tapio Haapala
The intent behind this masterpiece was to evoke a subtle and almost imperceptible shift in the ambient atmosphere within its sculptural elements. The ability to fine-tune the colour temperature and intensity of the external lighting played a pivotal role in achieving this vision. Inside the droplets, the lighting system is thoughtfully programmed to undergo a gradual transition from warm to cool hues and then back again, creating an immersive experience for viewers. Furthermore, the external lighting was skillfully adjusted on-site to harmonize seamlessly with the overall composition of the sculpture.
'The sculpture is welded from stainless steel. It features changing illumination achieved through eight Griven Jupiter Dynamic White lights and a Visual Productions light controller. The goal for this piece was to create a subtle and almost unnoticed transition of atmosphere within the sculptural elements. It was also important for the exterior lights to have adjustable color temperature and intensity. Inside the drops, the color temperature of the lights is programmed to slowly shift from warm to cool and back again. The balance of the exterior lights was adjusted on-site to suit the overall composition,' states the artist Tapio Haapala.  

Testifying once again the deep connection between light and art, this unconventional sculpture delivers a deep emotional impact to the whole area at night.    

Artist: Tapio Haapala Pictures: Tapio Haapala
Installation: Ideafix Oy  

Products installed:
8 x Jupiter Dynamic White
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