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For more than 96 years, the Kissel Group has been committed to providing customers with high-quality, regional food every day. The first SBK store opened in Germersheim (Rhineland-Palatinate-Germany) in 1972. Today 12 Edeka-Kissel-SBK stores keep close contact with local suppliers, farmers, and producers  supporting the regional economy and ensuring the very best quality of their fresh products for a vast clientele.

Located in Edesheim, one of the Edeka Kissel stores has been recently enhanced by a new LED lighting system capable of delivering functional and decorative illumination to its façade at night.  

Edesheim, Gemany
Product supply
LightLife GmbH
Specified by Oktalite and supplied by our preferred partner for Germany, LightLife Gesellschaft für audiovisuelle Erlebnisse mbH, an array of PARADE L MC 2 RGBW was integrated into the projecting roof of the structure with the help of dedicated fixing brackets to light up the main façade. The result of this unconventional installation is not a traditional homogeneous façade lighting, but a lively high-contrast accentuation of the building’s walls.
Based on multichip technology, our PARADE L MC fixtures ensure perfect light mixing and distribution without predominance of individual colours or annoying rainbow shadow effects on the illuminated objects. Moreover, the RGBW configurations of these linear bars are also capable of delivering pure and bright white light shades in any colour temperature. Monotonous on/off standard illuminations are thus surpassed by countless possibilities, without high additional costs. On special occasions, the façade of the store can also be tastefully illuminated in either vibrant or soft hues, even with dynamic colour gradients. A ground-breaking DALI T8 control system ensures extremely efficient use of energy as well as seamless management of pre-programmed colour changing scenes.

In this case, the "dark sky" challenge is met 100%, as the Parade L MC luminaires are used as downlights, testifying once again to their extreme versatility and reliability.  

Product specification and lighting design: Oktalite https://www.oktalite.com/en/
Product supply: LightLife Gesellschaft für audiovisuelle Erlebnisse mbH https://www.lightlife.de/
Pictures: Ingo Körbel - LightLife Gesellschaft für audiovisuelle Erlebnisse mbH  

Installed products:
9 x AL8035ELRN8WM PARADE L MC 2 RGBW Elliptical optics,  DALI DT8 control system, White RAL 9003
9x AL5055 80MM Fixing brackets

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