Festival Place, Basingstoke

Festival Place is a vibrant social hub in the heart of Basingstoke offering an unforgettable shopping experience for locals and residents of Hampshire. The mall has recently undergone a major refurbishment programme, to redefine its brand identity while consolidating its position as a prime regional shopping and leisure destination.

Involving a series of short and long-term initiatives, the renovation was meant to transform the mall into a welcoming multi-purpose area. The external works provided new extended shop frontages to St Johns Square, a repaved granite piazza with feature lighting, beside the creation of a new ‘grand entrance’ to the main Festival Place shopping centre.
In detail, works to the piazza area included the lifting of the existing paving, waterproofing to the concrete slab, which covers the service yard below, and the laying of 10,000 sq ft of new granite stone on a new screed bed. In addition, feature lighting, stainless steel finishes, bespoke feature canopies, and street furniture have been installed.
Through our sister company and official distribution partner for Great Britain, the company WILA Lighting, we provided an array of ATHOMO in RGB configuration to complete this restoration with a punctual, decorative recessed lighting fixture. Embedded in the new paving, the recessed fixtures enhance the surrounding architectural environment offering a discrete functional and at the same time decorative solution.

Available in IP67 and IP68 versions, ATHOMO RGB is a recessed walk-on LED uplight for exterior and interior use, which delivers a distinctive light output for directive application or decorative lighting patterns creation. Featuring AISI 316L stainless steel cover and scratch-resistant glass, ATHOMO is available in RGB or monochrome versions on request. Durable dynamic interaction with the surrounding architectural environment and functional orientation signalling are enhanced by this discreetly essential solution.
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