Florida Hotel & Conference Center, Orlando Florida


The Florida Hotel and Conference Center in Orlando, Florida is a popular destination hotel for couples, business travelers, and convention goers due to its location and amenities. As part of its recent renovation, the hotel called for all new exterior lighting to illuminate the façade in a dynamic, yet sophisticated manner, as part of the overall update to its facilities, branding, and image.

While RGBW light sources were considered initially, the design team selected dynamic white light as the preferred choice commensurated with the tastes of guest clientele. Several manufacturers were considered on the basis of performance, cost, ease of installation, and mounting flexibility. The design team generated calculations and renderings using each of the manufacturer’s products, followed by on-site mock-ups of selected products to compare calculated performance versus actual experienced results. In the end, it was determined that Griven was the ideal match to the customer’s criteria. According to our representative, David Silverman & Associates, the Griven option was "bigger, better, and brighter at the lowest cost.”
Lighting design
RL Studios
David Silverman & Associates, Glendale CA
Regency Lighting, Chatsworth CA
Pictures and video footage: Steven Graffham winterparkphotography.com
The main structure of the building features wings at either end that extend beyond the entrance to form a U-shaped footprint. The lighting design divided the numerous faces of the building into twelve defined zones for programming a variety of scenes to work with the DMX control system. Fifty-seven Jasper luminaires in tunable white configuration equipped with snoots were located around the building to illuminate the façades of the 11-story structure with an appealing dynamic alternation of white shades. Seven different light distributions were used throughout including an ultra-spot distribution with 7° beam and an elliptical beam in vertical orientation to effectively highlight tall and narrow portions of the building. Six Jade 16 DW luminaires with medium beam optics accent rooftop details to complete the design. The luminaires were mounted in several configurations using pole-top slipfitters, wall mounting brackets, ground mounting stakes, or mounted directly to surfaces.
David Silverman & Associates, the specifying representative agency, in close collaboration with the distributors, Regency Lighting, provided the optimal technical support throughout the design process, as well as supplied the controls package and commissioning services, to ensure a successful installation.

Products installed:
57x Jasper MK2 DW with different optics selections
6x Jade 16 DW with medium optics

Lighting design: RL Studios
Specifying representative agency: David Silverman & Associates, Glendale CA
Distributor: Regency Lighting, Chatsworth CA
Project management: Griven USA, Gaffney NC
Pictures and video footage: Steven Graffham winterparkphotography.com
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