Gangnam urban meteo station, Seul

South Korea
Part of the renowned Greater Gangnam area, Seoul’s Seocho District has recently transformed an urban meteo station with annexed cooling system located close to Gangnam Station into a modern metropolitan artwork further enhanced by groundbreaking LED lighting fixtures by GRIVEN.

Seocho District is one of the 25 local government districts of Seoul, a part of the Greater Gangnam Area, along with Gangnam District and Songpa District. Seocho District municipality has recently decided to transform the meteo station - measuring pressure, temperature, humidity and wind and including a cooling system - located near Gangnam Station exits into an artistic urban piece of art, which could become a new point of interest for citizens and tourists.
Known as one of the richest districts in South Korea, Gangnam, which literally means "south of the river”, is home to many department stores, underground shopping centers, and multifunctional malls. Gangnam station area is probably the No. 2 club area in Seoul, hosting in its grid structure of streets and alleys an array of clubs, bars, restaurants and other entertainment venues, which characterize this upmarket location.

The large-scale cooling and meteo station system that is located near exits 9 and 10 of Gangnam Station has been architecturally transformed in a newly developed area called "Seocho Windy Hill,” according to the plan conceived by Seocho authorities. The erected wind tower is 3 meters wide and 15 meters high. Attached to its backside, a mobile structure moves according to the wind, enhancing the overall aesthetic quality of what now hides the true technical-functional nature of the site.
Owing to the growing concern about the fine dusts often detected in the urban area of Seoul, the wind tower is capable of reproducing four different colors, related to the level of fine dust traced by a micro-dust measuring programme: blue stands for "good,” green for "normal,” yellow for "bad” and red for "severe.” The lighting system was specified and installed by the Korean company Gravissystem, which chose GRIVEN’s LED lighting fixtures to implement the illumination of the cooling tower. A series of Powershine MK2 S in RGBW color configuration with elliptical optics was installed on metal supports fixed directly onto the tower structure to deliver the required shade according to the dust detector.

The bright and lively colors delivered to the tower make this area a true attraction at night. Furthermore, the station is also capable of hosting various performances and events at a designated rest area accommodating up to 300 people.

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