General Chinese Consulate, Munich

Located in the district of Obersendling, the prestigious building hosting the General Chinese Consulate in Munich, along with its outdoor area, has been impressively illuminated by a successful combination of GRIVEN and Hess luminaires.

Designed by Obermeyer Planen + Bauen Munich according to a preliminary design developed by the Tongji University of Shanghai, the diplomatic headquarters of the People’s Republic of China present themselves as a spacious complex in the middle of the German city, where its modern service buildings are surrounded by an elegant green scenery.
People's Republic of China
Project partner
Obermeyer Planen + Bauen, Munich
Landscape architecture
Alexander Over, Munich
Conceived by the landscape architect Alexander Over from Munich, the outdoor design concept successfully combines traditional elements of the Chinese gardening culture with the peculiarities of the German location. Marked by a substantial Asian influence, the layout of the exterior spaces goes hand-in-hand with a sophisticated lighting concept delivered in perfect synergy by GRIVEN and Hess, both capable of meeting the demanding decorative, functional and safety-relevant requirements of this project.

A well-mixed combination of large trees all native to China together with a lavish bamboo garden hosting a themed pavilion recall a Far East atmosphere right in the heart of the German city. The pavilion, an amazing eye-catching structure modern in its style, shape and material, symbolizes a new way of blending innovative and traditional Chinese elements.
Lighting design
The design of the outdoor space surrounding the consulate is supported by a sophisticated lighting concept, developed to meet the need to offer a distinguished appearance as well as a functional atmospheric lighting, while at the same time respecting the strict security requirements of the protected area.

GRIVEN LED projectors in combination with design luminaires by Hess have been capable of ensuring an attractive presentation of the exterior space enhancing the green areas as well as the building walls in an elegant warm shade of white.

Almost 200 units of PARADE S-W-40 Recessed in warm white configuration fitted with wall wash optics, installed at a considerable distance from each other provide a kind of striped and widely visible lighting to the outer walls and to the street-side façade of the consulate building. "PARADE enables a graduated light pattern that ranges from particularly intense illumination in alarm situations to unobtrusive, shimmering lighting during the normal, quiet night operation”, asserts the appointed landscape architect Mr Over. The light pattern they deliver is elegant and original, the environmental impact low and the aesthetic result appealing.

Some units of JADE 16 in warm white either with narrow or elliptical wide optics have been used for purely representative purposes to enhance the Chinese national coat of arms in a selective and precise way. Additionally, an array of RUBY R recessed in front of the wall of the entrance area and close to the entrance gate, also increases the attractiveness of the area with its allure.

Iconic structure of the place, the pavilion in the bamboo garden has been illuminated in an evocative, atmospheric way: some MICRO-DUNE MK2 in warm white have been embedded close to the base of the columns and on the vault, bathing this architectural gem in a suffused light during the evening and night hours.

Selected design luminaires from Hess were used to meet the functional lighting requirements of the place: LINEA pole-mounted luminaires and bollards, NOVARA S bracket-mounted luminaires, RAVENNA in-ground spotlights, LEDIA illuminating strips, CASSINO wall-mounted luminaires, as well as the ARINI lighting system in a customized version fitted with GRIVEN LED fixtures.
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