Hoang Van Thu Bridge, Haiphong

Recently built to improve the busy traffic connections of the ever-expanding city of Haiphong, Hoang Van Thu Bridge has been fitted with a groundbreaking LED lighting system capable of enhancing its elegant, impressive structure with multiple dynamic effects.
Lighting design
Transport Engineering Design Incorporated (TEDI) - Hanoi, Vietnam
Product specification and installation
PhuThanh JSC- Hanoi, Vietnam
PhuThanh JSC- Hanoi, Vietnam
Located in Northeastern Vietnam, the newly built Hoang Van Thu Bridge connects the centre of the port city of Haiphong with the Northwest suburb of Thuy Nguyen. With a span of 200 metres, the project might appear very simple, but the western approach runs through a cleared, former mangrove swamp, making things considerably more challenging than initially imagined.

Completed in 2019, Hoang Van Thu Bridge was part of a special traffic project, with a total construction length of more than 1,570 metres. The 33.5 metre wide bridge shaped like a horizontal wing of a flying seagull, consisting of four motor lanes, two mixed lanes and a pedestrian walkway, also includes two symmetrically shaped circular ramps with a radius of 65 metres. The bridge is now regarded as the starting point for remarkable investments in the construction of technical infrastructures, which aim at expanding Haiphong city to the North while gradually improving the new urban space development.

The complex lighting system of the bridge was designed by the company Transport Engineering Design Incorporated (TEDI), in cooperation with PhuThanh JSC, leading company in LED lighting technology in Vietnam, which took care of the product installation. All programming, testing and commissioning were implemented and managed on site by a GRIVEN engineer.

In order to enhance the different structural parts of this huge bridge, luminaires with different output, power and lighting effects were required according to the selected lighting design.

To create an impressive, dynamic graphic effect on the central cable-stayed structure of the main span, over 6000 units of the single pixel module GRAPH-i-DOT were mounted directly onto the stays of the bridge. Supplied in chains of up to 85 units each, GRAPH-i-DOT is the ideal solution for low resolution video files and graphic patterns, and can be installed onto every kind of surface. The whole bridge is brought to life with dynamic color scenes, which create an innovative, outstanding ambience.

Owing to their compact, easy-to-install body, 112 pieces of JADE 9 RGB with elliptical optics were fixed on the upper part of the arch to light it up in bright shades. Units of JADE 16, ZAPHIR, CORAL and ONYX, all in RGBW color configuration, were installed at the base of the stays, according to their length, to brilliantly light them up from bottom to top. To complete the illumination of this central, evocative arch, 32 POWERSHINE MK2 S were installed in groups of 8 at its opposite bases in order to light up the lower part of the structure, while the modular bars PARADE S-RGBW-40 provide a linear illumination along the outer borders of the bridge.

The main span as well as the two circular access ways and exit ramps of the bridge have been highlighted with over 1000 units of PARADE S-RGBW-40. These linear bars deliver superb output, with real uniform color coverage, even on close-up installations. This exceptional uniformity at close proximity is achieved by the elliptical and elliptical wide optics specifically designed for a true wall washing effect. 285 RUBY R in RGBW color configuration with spot optics have been embedded all around the pilons, which support the circular ramps, to highlight their shape in lively, bright colors.

A well-organized combination of different luminaires delivers an unexpected emotional intensity and eye-catching visual appeal to a merely functional infrastructure. An ultimate solution for the most demanding projects, the selected DMX control systems perfectly manage all the different fixtures and relevant effects, delivering an impressive and unforgettable lighting experience.
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