Holiday Inn, Ufa

Ufa is the politic, industrial, economic, scientific and cultural capital city of the Southern Russian Republic of Bashkortostan. Located in the historical centre of Ufa and surrounded by ancient monuments, sightseeing places and shopping malls, the Holiday Inn Hotel offers 193 modern rooms, 5 fully-equipped conference halls and 8 banquet halls, a fitness center with SPA facilities beside an appealing choice of restaurants, lounges and bars boasting an international variety of courses served in a charming atmosphere.

Moreover, Holiday Inn Ufa is the first hotel in Russia with an "open lobby concept” which allows to combine traditional hotel lobbies, restaurants, bars, lounge areas and business centers into one single flexible space. The "open lobby space” is designed to make the guests feel relaxed and welcomed giving them a chance for laidback communication. Offering an unrivalled level of comfort in a unique location, Holiday Inn Ufa features the perfect combination of amenities for demanding travelers from all around the world.
Lighting design
MT Electro
Product specification and installation
MT Electro
DSL Ltd.
Catherine Peseukova
The hotel property has recently required for the main entrance a new illumination system that should light up with refined and elegant monochromatic touches of green light the corner façades of the building. Implemented by MT Electro, the new illumination system is based on GRIVEN LED lighting fixtures with spot optics chosen in order to achieve the desired scheme of vertical narrow beams characterizing the façade up to the roof. An array of custom JADE 9 EASY and ORPHEO S double emission were fitted with green LEDs chosen according to the Holiday Inn brand color guidelines in order to match up with the light sign on the top roof.

JADE 9 EASY is a newly engineered rounded spotlight which houses nine high power warm or cool white, as well as power supply unit. The cool or warm white LEDs set-up creates a stunning visual rendering of warm tones or cool shades, thus offering a broad range of application purposes. The wide choice of exchangeable optics groups, ranging from spot aperture beams to elliptical wide distribution, and the full pan and tilt orientation adjustment further enhance JADE 9 EASY maximum flexibility for any surface mount application purpose. Available also in a wide choice of monochromatic tones, JADE 9 EASY comes with a light weight competitive price for budget restraint projects where DMX, color changing and dimming options are not specified.
ORPHEO S is a die-cast aluminum wall-mount white light LED diffuser featuring a refined cubical silhouette. The single or double vertical light shafts provide linear edge and corner applications with an elegant accent lighting effect that re-defines exterior façades with distinguished and consistent light strokes. The flexible optics range supports an array of design solutions that, combined with the sophisticated light quality of the warm, natural and cool white light color temperature configurations available, allow for the perfect light plan finishing touch. On request, monochromatic versions are also available. Featuring IP65 rating and corrosion resistant housing complete with integrated electronic driver for a comfortable set-up and an instant hook up to mains, the ORPHEO S series of efficient and durable up-lighters and down-lighters is capable of delivering eye-catching wall grazing effects and turn the neighborhood into a pleasing and stylish urban landscape.
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