King George Square, Brisbane

Griven’s authorized dealer for Australia, the ULA Group along with its Architectural Lighting team continue working closely with Cam Gunning from Vision and Sound Technology, this time on lighting up the Living Green Wall at King George Square in Brisbane.

Brisbane City Council is strategically illuminating the main icons of the city as well as the ‘hidden’ beauties of the CBD precinct, which might have been missed by tourists or even not noticed by locals before. A Living Green Wall is one of those hidden treasures of the city, located right in the heart of the CBD at King George Square, to the side of the main tourist route.
Griven authorized dealer for Australia: ULA Group

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Cameron Gunning - Vision & Sound Technology (VAST)
Following ULA Group’s successful implementation of a new LED lighting system illuminating the iconic Brisbane City Hall in King George Square, the design intent was to illuminate the Green Wall on the adjacent side and connect both parts of this precinct into one automated lighting control system, giving the option to trigger the lighting schemes and color patterns simultaneously.

Griven Ruby MC RGBW LED Flood fixtures with medium optics were chosen to enhance the beauty of the Living Green Wall. These stylish and versatile fixtures are ideal for spot or flood lighting along with wall grazing owing to the wide light distribution. The combination of RGBW LEDs provides an impressive saturated white light as well as a wide selection of intermediate color hues.

The lighting control system is integrated as part of the existing system, which already operates the lighting on City Hall. This enable seamless integration of both the Green Wall and Brisbane City Hall’s color palettes and dynamic lighting shows. Both installations can also be operated independently from the one lighting control surface. Over 30 different lighting shows and numerous preset color schemes are pre-programmed within the software, ensuring changing the mood lighting and color selection is as easy as ‘one click’ on a tablet or wifi activated device.
Cam Gunning comments: "This project required a very compact luminaire to retro fit into existing mount points on the structural frame, while still providing a high level of illumination when compared to the superseded metal halide lamps. The Griven RUBY MC in a medium optic proved to be an ideal choice, meeting all dimensional and lumen output requirements. The six multi-chip LED sources in each RUBY MC fixture provide a very uniform color wash and the white chip on its own is a very useable color temperature, being particularly helpful for the successful illumination of the various colors contained within the dense foliage."

"The colors are very even across all twelve RUBY MC luminaires allowing the client to choose between soft pastel tones and dramatic, high impact saturated color. Green Wall is an excellent example of a ‘living’ structure implemented into a high density city space and the addition of color enhances this great initiative into a vibrant and inviting public space at night. The addition of the Griven product will provide the client with years of maintenance free illumination and significant cost savings in power consumption."

The Brisbane City Council is very pleased with the end result, bringing new life to the Living Green Wall in heart of the Brisbane city, expanding the options of mood lighting throughout the King George Square precinct and enhancing the festive atmosphere during numerous celebrations and events happening in the city.
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