Kwidzyn bridge

Officially opened to traffic last July, the longest extra-dosed bridge in Europe provides now a faster driveway to the city of Kwidzyn in Northern Poland. With its 808.5 m in length and 16 m in width, the new bridge over the river Vistula also offers a beautiful sight at night owing to its elegant structure and well designed illumination scheme. Consisting of 6 spans and 7 pillars, it supports two traffic lanes and a hard shoulder. Thanks to this significant economic investment the route from Gdansk (Danzig) to Kwidzyn has been shortened by a dozen kilometers, facilitating road links to 200,000 people living in nearby areas, who can now finally avoid cueing at the old ferry stop.
Mariusz Nasieniewski /
Conceived by the company DS-STUDIO, the lighting design of the Kwidzyn bridge pleasantly stresses the 7 pilasters and their cable system using an array of well positioned LED projectors that build, with warm white beams, a bright arrow pointing towards the sky. Through the cooperation of DS-STUDIO with the Polish exclusive distributor for GRIVEN products, the company PRO LIGHT Sp. z.o.o., 16 units of DAWN W MK2 Warm White have been installed on each of the 7 towers of the extra-dosed bridge, for a total of 112 units, carefully organizing their distribution in order to reach the desired illumination scheme. 4+4 units of DAWN W MK2 with narrow optics have been mounted on top of each pillar in order to light up its upper structure and side cables. 2+2 units of DAWN W MK2 with spot optics have been located head down to design a vertical beam of light on the lower part of the columns, while 2+2 units, alternatively with spot or narrow optics, according to the driving direction of the lanes, have been positioned at the crossing point between pillar and span to complete the required arrow-shaped design. Moreover, a few selected units have been fitted with antiglare shields in order to avoid unpleasant effects to the drivers’ eyes.
Perfect for all architectural spot and flood lighting applications in both exterior and interior spaces, DAWN W MK2 delivers unprecedented lighting performances. Its extremely compact and lightweight construction, combined with a comprehensive variety of optics groups, enable this IP66 rated white light fixture to meet the most demanding architectural requirements. Warm and cold white color temperature versions are both available. Narrow aperture spot lenses and wide elliptical distribution are part of the optional selection of optics groups available.
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