Lusail Yacht Club, Lusail Marina, Doha

Lusail’s shining pearl

Nestled within Lusail Marina, the Lusail Yacht Club stands as a prominent structure, defining the Marina's character with its distinctive, fluid design within the multifaceted skyline of Doha. Serving various commercial purposes, this architectural gem comprises retail spaces, a club members' foyer, administrative offices, a café, a shisha bar, a panoramic lift, and an artistically crafted stairwell leading to a premier restaurant. The striking layout of the building, reminiscent of a shell, pays homage to the thriving local pearl industry, harmonizing with the region's cultural heritage and traditions.

Designed to achieve top ratings under the Global Sustainability Assessment System, the building strictly adheres to eco-friendly principles, evident in its cutting-edge building technology. To reduce vehicular traffic and parking demand, the site integrates with pedestrian and cycling pathways. Additionally, a smart energy usage strategy is implemented both within and outside the building. The sleek louvers on the roof minimize direct sun exposure, turning down the need for cooling energy. High reflective façades actively lower heat gain and subsequent energy consumption. Incorporating energy recovery systems, heat wheels and highly efficient LED lighting further solidify the structure's sustainable approach. The optimization of daylight exposure within the interior spaces consistently lessens the reliance on artificial lighting. Moreover, the use of locally sourced materials for construction has significantly diminished the overall carbon footprint.
Lusail Yacht Club
Doha, Qatar
Product specification and installation
URBACON Trading and Contracting
Project manager
Jano for Lighting, Ammar Jano
To accomplish this, 1200 units of Graph-i-Pix Opaline in RGBW color configuration, varying in lengths according to the shell layout, were selected as the optimal choice for this ambitious project. These innovative modules were installed on the roof of the structure to shape a continuous line ensuring a uniform pattern layout. Equipped with an opaline diffuser for smooth colour transitioning, the installed GRAPH-i-PIX Opaline 50 and 100 models are capable of reproducing almost any graphic visual concept on the entire structure. Their ultra-slim profile enables them to perfectly blend with the surrounding environment, standing out for striking functionality and luminosity. Selected in a configuration featuring either 4 (Graph-i-Pix Opaline 50) or 8 (Graph-i-Pix Opaline 100) individually addressable pixels for optimal resolution and even visual outcome, the fixtures are superbly managed via an advanced control system allowing for the utmost adaptability to different requirements. 
This endeavour not only enhances the structure's aesthetics but also exemplifies a harmonious blend of technological advancement and environmental conscientiousness with extreme elegance and a strong emotional impact.    

Products installed:
1150 x AL6007OPRN Graph-i-Pix Opaline 100 RGBW
50 x AL6008OPRN Graph-i-Pix Opaline 50 RGBW
2 x AL6012 Address setting DMX driver
160 x AL6004 Start line
150 x AL6005 Line end cap
160 x AL8276 Electronic driver
1 x AL0704 16-door ethernet switch
9 x AL4509 Essential node interface
10 x AL4385/A Power supply unit DIN RAIL    

Product supply and installation: URBACON TRADING AND CONTRACTING
Project Manager, lighting concept, testing, and commissioning: Jano for Lighting, Ammar Jano
Pictures and video footage: courtesy of Jano for Lighting, Ammar Jano
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