Mall of Qatar, Doha

The newly built Mall of Qatar has introduced a brand new entertainment concept, which is already fascinating the entire nation with its 500,000 sq. m of innovative shopping, top-notch recreation and remarkable leisure options. Expected to welcome over 20 million visitors a year, Mall of Qatar offers an amazing entertainment experience, with 52 weeks of spectacular headline shows, as well as a multilevel Family Entertainment Complex, a 19-screen Cineplex inclusive of IMAX’s revolutionary laser projection, besides over 300 shops and a vast range of gourmet food services and much more.

Designed to excite, thrill, and relax, Mall of Qatar is a destination that gathers friends together, offers the possibility to spend a fantastic full day to families with children, refreshes businessmen in need of a break, and helps businesswomen take advantage of their free time. Its tireless visitors will be dazzled by the 500 different retail, dining and café options, and by its welcoming atmosphere.

More than just a mall, this entertainment destination is willing to charm also through a breathtaking lighting system, a testament to the staunch commitment of the Mall to provide an astonishing visual experience from every point of view, down to the smallest detail.

Owing to the huge size of the Mall, the illumination system for its exterior parts was committed to different providers. The request for GRIVEN lighting fixtures came directly from the management, which could appreciate the job done at a prestigious venue very close to the mall. The adjoining Al Rafaa Wedding Hall Complex has been truly inspirational for the kind of illumination required for Mall of Qatar. Installed in 2015, its lighting system enhances with a dynamic color changing effect the traditional Arabian architectural style of the wedding complex through the usage of a DMX manageable LED color changing system by GRIVEN.
UrbaCon Trading & Contracting, LLC – Doha, Qatar -
UrbaCon Trading & Contracting, LLC – Doha, Qatar -
Project manager
JANO SOUND & LIGHT - Eng. Ammar Jano
Specified by the Project Manager in charge of the project, Eng. Ammar Jano, owner of the company Jano for Sound & Lighting, GRIVEN’s LED lighting fixtures have been specified to light up three different areas of the Mall of Qatar.

The side of the Mall facing a large parking lot, featuring Al Rayyan Hotel at one corner and Carrefour at the other one, presents a central area, which is now fully dedicated to dynamic pixel lighting solutions offering an ever-changing plot of lights and colors. Chasing each other on the huge façade of the Mall, these patterns are reproduced, among the others, by over 300 PARADE GRAPHIC 40 and 20 mounted with the help of custom wall fixing brackets directly on the surface of the Mall. The installation scheme of the modular bars forms a chessboard scheme, where the multi-pixel fixtures are fixed at different heights from the ground. The installed fixtures were delivered in a custom RAL color specifically chosen by the client in order to let the fixture perfectly blend with the architecture of the complex. Featuring a custom 16 mm thick tempered opaline glass, these powerful architectural LED modules enable an endless layout of patterns and graphics displays on different surfaces. Easily blending on a building façade to achieve a dynamic and extraordinary brilliant performance, these very high impact IP67 LED bars are capable of reproducing almost any visual concept and a uniform visual pattern layout, according to their mounting distance. Self-addressing software, remote firmware update, integrated electronic driver are further evidences for a state of the art product packed with high technology. Meeting a huge variety of lighting design prerequisites, Parade Graphic 40 and 20 exceed the architectural lighting sector limits and naturally supports lighting designers in the creation of shockingly appealing and stunning effects.

In order to create a contrasting scheme, a different kind of illumination was required for the upper part of the Carrefour building walls. A bright and lively grazing effect of intense changing shades was reproduced by 615 PARADE S-RGBW-40 with wall wash optics, which could deliver the required uniform light and bright colors. The units have been installed in a double line in a hidden position near to the upper walls of the building, in order to deliver a perfectly even color distribution, rich in intense and bright tones.

PARADE S-RGBW-40 is a modular and adjustable super flux, high luminance bar featuring 40 RGBW LEDs grouped in clusters of 4 LEDs each. Superb output with real uniform color coverage even on close-up installations is provided by the newly conceived elliptical and elliptical wide optics specifically designed for true wall washing effect. PARADE S-RGBW-40 can be installed in any position and in any orientation, featuring an IP67 weather protection along with a compact size and a light weight manageability. Moreover, a truly comfortable set up is guaranteed by the total absence of external power supply box requirement.

A wall wash effect was required for the half-dome shaped roof of the main entrance building. Visible from all sides, the front and rear parts of the roof have been enlightened by 90 ZAPHIR in RGBW color configuration with wide optics in order to achieve an optimal distribution on this convex surface. The result is quite satisfying as the installed units deliver a splash of intense uniform light with an amazing color consistency.

Developed for refined architectural lighting, ZAPHIR RGBW features 40 RGBW power LEDs, which are capable of delivering a remarkable performance from an extremely compact unit. The comprehensive selection of optics groups available makes this color changer suitable for a variety of lighting installations, which require maximum photometric flexibility. Moreover, its capacitive touchscreen display allows for a direct access to all on-board functions.
All the LED fixtures of this installation are managed by a DMX system, where a high performance server designed to control large projects allows a seamless functioning of the programmed show. Signals amplifiers are used to allow the best DMX signal diffusion. Moreover, the user-friendly programming system is endowed with an array of different dynamic color scenes that can be automatically or manually alternated on different occasions.

A GRIVEN team, made up of Product Engineer Giuseppe Froio, Lighting Designer Raffaele Vincelli, and Danilo Bettinazzi, Director of Sales & Marketing, went to Doha to present directly on site the dedicated lighting concept. They also arranged a mock-up showing live the performance of the chosen fixtures. Afterwards, detailed photometric calculations, renderings and configuration schemes of the proposed fixtures were sent in for the final approval. During the second phase, Alberto Fantoni from our technical department, took care of the relevant programming to ensure a flawless functioning of all devices according to the selected lighting schemes.

Project Manager Eng. Ammar Jano, who has professionally coordinated the different steps of the planning, installation and programming phases of this installation, asserts: "Working on this project has been a real challenge for us. We had to finish installing, programming and commissioning in a very short time. At the beginning, we thought the work could not be completed in just 4 months, due to many different difficulties that we had to face. But, in spite of the fact that we had to work on a 500,000 sqm area, with a short delivery time, and that we had to extend more than 13,000m of DMX cables under the hottest sun ever, we managed to comply with the required installation schedule. This project is so unique and important because it will be adjacent to the Stadium that will be hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2022, therefore it is considered as one of Qatar's most remarkable tourist attractions, strategically located in the heart of the fastest growing community (Alrayan area).”
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