Mancheonha Skywalk, Danyang

South Korea
Already a must-visit in Danyang, the Mancheonha Skywalk was opened in July 2017 and represents the most challenging tourist attraction of this beautiful naturalistic area. Built on the top of a 90m high hill, with its 40 m height this unique observatory offers a breathtaking view of Danyang and a jaw-dropping 360° panorama of the surrounding South Han River valley and the famous Mount Sobaek.

Impressively leaning towards the river, the Mancheonha Skywalk observatory is made up of a robust metal frame equipped with glass railing, which grants with its transparent consistence a full sight of the surrounding environment to the visitors climbing up to the top deck through a spiral shaped passageway. A 10-minute walk allows to reach the upper part of the observatory, whose floor is fitted with glass flooring and steel grids, allowing thrilled people a complete view below their feet and all around them.
With a length of about 10 meters, the round glassy upper deck welcomes tourists eager to live this exciting experience from an unusual height. This transparent platform protrudes into the air through three suspended finger-looking gangways, from where you can enjoy the thrill of walking "in the sky” at a height of 130m from the ground level. The upper Skywalk platform is made of high strength triple-tempered glass and can support a weight of 300kg per square meter. An elephant would be safe over there, as officially stated.

For the inauguration of this attraction, a dedicated lighting system was required to further enhance the artistic, original shape of the Skywalk at night. GRIVEN was charged with the task of illuminating its spiral structure in order to let it stand out in bright and attractive colors. An array of Jade 16 in RGWB and cold white color configuration, with elliptical wide and narrow optics and custom in-built antiglare shields has been installed onto the metal frame of the egg-shaped structure in order to deliver the required splash of light and color. Owing to its compact size and spot light emission, Jade 16 can be easily installed on every kind of surface and used to highlight complex architectures.
Providing a vibrant and brilliant color palette from its compact chassis, JADE 16 RGBW features functional efficiency whereas spectacularly dynamic lighting performance is assured by digital control of all functions, either onboard for standalone operation. The wide choice of selectable optics groups, ranging from narrow aperture beams to elliptical wide distribution, and the aiming orientation adjustment further enhance JADE 16 RGBW maximum flexibility for any surface mount application purpose.
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