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Mugunghwa Arboretum is a renowned sightseeing site located in Hongcheon County, Gangwon Province. This huge park is dedicated to South Korea’s national flower, the Mugunghwa, and has been established to preserve and cherish the many species of this hibiscus flower. Meaning "eternal blossom that never fades,” the mugunghwa, also known as Rose of Sharon, has been an important symbol of the Korean culture for centuries and still is an object of deep affection among the population.

In the park, there are many civil and historic monuments commemorating military victories and important milestones in South Korea’s history, as well as the achievements of the patriotic hero Hanseo Namgung, who widely distributed Mugunghwa flowers throughout the country during the Japanese colonial period. Imitating his initiative, many patriots encouraged the widespread planting and cultivating of Mugunghwa as a symbol of the country’s spirit of independence.
Lighting design
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courtesy of Hongcheon County
Over time, the public affection for this resilient flower grew stronger, and a phrase celebrating the flower’s beauty was included in the national anthem in the late 19th century. Even during the dark days of Japanese colonial rule, people’s devotion to this resilient flower never faded, as it was considered a symbol of resistance and strength. It came therefore easy for the government to adopt it as national flower after Korea regained its independence from Japan. Nowadays, Koreans cherish the national flower because it honors the country’s noble spirit and symbolizes the many successes as well as tribulations that the nation has experienced.

Featuring over 1,000 kinds of plants, including 83 different types of hibiscus, Mugunghwa Arboretum is a large, well maintained green area offering, apart from the many historic monuments, several entertainment opportunities. A large children’s playground, a theme park, a greenhouse, Mugunghwa Variety Garden, Mugunghwa Labyrinth Garden, beside 16 themed gardens and the highly appreciated Mugungnuri-gil, a multi-track trail in the forest, are just some of the numerous attractions of this area.

Implemented by Gravissystem, a South Korean company based in Seoul, the lighting design required for the arboretum foresaw a night illumination in bright, color changing tones for the trees located along the central part of the main road crossing the huge park, in proximity of the March, 1st Independence Movement Monument. The installation was finished at the beginning of January 2022 after the fine-tuning of the programming carried out by Mr Lee of Gravisstystem. The night view of the park is now really impressive as the thick vegetation of the arboretum is enhanced in beautiful, intense colors, delivering a festive, joyful atmosphere to this central area of the huge park. Do to so, 54 units of CAPITAL 100 RGBW with medium optics in black finish were installed on sturdy metal supports fixed onto the light poles of the street and aiming at the surrounding vegetation. The natural environment of this prestigious park is now enhanced by a professional landscape lighting paying the deserved homage to this national landmark.

Products installed:
54 x AL5005 MERNEBS Capital 100 RGBW with medium, optics in back finish
54 x AL8232 Visor for CAPITAL 100

Lighting design and programming: Gravissystem
Pictures: courtesy of Hongcheon County
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