Modern communication goes through color.

Colored light is becoming more and more the ideal communication tool for raising awareness about urgent sociocultural themes and drawing attention towards recent events of public interest. Communicating through a dynamic color changing illumination allows to share in an effective, direct, and at the same time appealing way common values, ideals and standpoints of the modern society.  

The city of Càscina, a historic town in the province of Pisa founded by the Romans on the banks of the Arno river, is an active supporter of this present trend. The old building of the city hall has been recently lit up with the help of an array of Parade L-4 fixtures in RGB+ 4000K W configuration, allowing the most flexible kind of dynamic color changing display. The linear bars of the Parade L series have been installed head down on the upper part of the building to splash with a uniform grazing effect the façade of the city hall. Even solid or rainbow chasing lighting effects are allowed by the selected wall wash optics. Featuring a powerful luminous flux with real uniform color coverage even on close-up installations, the linear modules of the Parade L series are specific for truly impressive wall grazing enhancement especially on large-scale architectural elements.
Cascina City Hall
Cascina, Italy
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On the occasion of the Rare Disease Day, celebrated on February 28, this year on its 14th anniversary, the façade of Càscina’s city hall has been lit up in bright colors with the purpose of raising awareness and generating change for the 300 million people worldwide living with a rare disease, their families and careers. The Municipality of Cascina has joined the rare disease awareness campaign promoted by the Forum of the Tuscan Associations for Rare Diseases, illuminating the façade of the City Hall with the symbolic colors of the 'Rare Disease Day', green, pink, and blue. The seven rainbow colors of the peace flag have been projected on the façade of Càscina Town Hall.
Let the colors speak up!

Installed products:
14 x AL5075WWRNRGC  PARADE L-4 WW RGBW with wall wash optics

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