Muong Thanh Luxury Hotel, Vientiane

Vientiane is known for its laidback atmosphere and its list of quaint, uncrowded, yet impressive attractions reflects this fact. Age-old Buddhist temples are scattered throughout the city area, while quirky riverside markets linger next to interesting cultural sites and colonial French architecture, linking past and present in a smooth, relaxed way.

Located close to the city center, the 5-star Muong Thanh Luxury Vientiane Hotel is the highest building in the capital city of Laos, reflecting both the modern and traditional architectural souls of South-East Asia. Offering a convenient location to the main attractions as well as administrative offices, Muong Thanh Luxury Vientiane Hotel is the ideal place either for business trips or journeys dedicated to explore the unique cultural values of the land of a Million Elephants.
Lighting design
PhuThanh JSC- Hanoi, Vietnam
Product specification and installation
PhuThanh JSC- Hanoi, Vietnam
PhuThanh JSC- Hanoi, Vietnam
Consolidating a long-term cooperation between Vietnam and Laos, the Vietnamese Muong Thanh Group inaugurated its first hotel abroad in 2016, further strengthening the ambition to become the largest hotel chain developer in Indochina. The 37-storey Muong Thanh Luxury Vientiane Hotel, with 331 rooms related to the international five-star standards, can accommodate over 700 customers. Together with a choice of restaurants and bars, the hotel also has a conventional mall with a capacity of nearly 1,000 people, along with top-notch entertainment, wellness and fitness services.
The hotel property has recently required a new lighting scheme capable of enhancing, with high-power LED projectors, the peculiar features of the façade along with the front side wall in bright colors, following the architectural pattern designed by windows and balconies.

Conceived and fulfilled by PhuThanh JSC, leading company in the installation of LED technology in Vietnam based in Hanoi, the lighting design of the Muong Thanh Hotel Vientiane required long throw fixtures for the illumination of the spaces between the front windows, inspired by the successful lighting scheme implemented at the Muong Thanh Saigon always by PhuThanh.

According to the provided lighting design scheme, GRIVEN’s lighting designers performed the relevant calculations in order to provide the customer with the best lighting options. 9 units of ONYX RGBW with ultra spot optics in RGBW color configuration were chosen to deliver a well defined beam of light reaching up to the top roof of the hotel façade.

Specific for architectural projects demanding for impressive though sustainable lighting performance, the newly engineered ONYX RGBW features an incomparably functional, ultra-narrow, sharp, long-shot beam of light capable of reaching previously unthinkable distances with amazing precision and even light distribution. ONYX RGBW is fitted with a combination of 96 RGBW high brightness LEDs that provide an unprecedented astonishing light output quality.

The final design is jaw-dropping: a well diffused beam of colored light reaches the top of the building with a surprising uniformity and brilliance enhancing the imposing height of the hotel at night, making it visible from very far away.
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