Budapest 2023 witnessed the wonder

Designed to host the World Athletics Championships Budapest 23, the brand-new National Athletics Centre of Budapest has literally…witnessed the wonder of this event with its magnificent architectural layout and jaw-dropping illumination system.

Built in less than three years on the eastern bank of the Danube River on the southern side of the city, the Athletic Centre resides on a former brownfield site within a previously neglected area of Budapest, reborn to become a public park with abundant green spaces, after the Championships accessible to all.
National Athletics Centre
Budapest, Hungary
Lighting design
Lisys-Projet Kft.
Lighting concept, design and installation
Lisys-Projet Kft.
WHB Elektro Kft - Zala-Elektro Kft.
Zsolt Hlinka
The Stadium boasts a capacity of 35,000 for these World Athletics Championships before being downsized to 15,000. Once the temporary upper tier is dismantled, the Stadium will reveal a circular plateau, capable of accommodating publicly accessible leisure areas. Post-event, the Stadium is earmarked to transform into the primary competition venue and training hub for Hungarian athletics. The plan envisions the facility providing a significant impetus not solely to competitive sports, but also to recreational and youth activities. Budapest residents and students will discover training tracks, running paths, street workout zones, and various other sports and leisure prospects. Completing the renovation, a pedestrian and bicycle cable bridge adjacent to the Stadium connects the northern tip of Csepel Island, forming a link to the new Athletics Training Centre.

Conceived with a balance of utility and aesthetics, the Budapest Athletics Stadium showcases a contemporary and streamlined architectural design. The steel façade, adorned with a unique stretched cable structure, defines the layout of this grand arena. Its prominent A-shaped front columns, joined by diagonal elements to shape an aesthetically pleasing truss, ascend to a striking height of approximately 34 meters.
Our partner in Budapest, Lisys-Project Kft., was entrusted with the external decorative lighting of the arena. They presented relevant lighting design proposals, supplied the necessary products, and arranged the programming of the dedicated control system. The primary challenge involved achieving uniform illumination of the steel façade columns up to the top using environmentally friendly, energy-efficient lighting fixtures capable of delivering captivating color-changing displays. The choice landed on our potent JASPER MK2 in RGBW configuration fitted with ultra spot optics for a far-reaching beam of coloured light. Meeting contemporary design standards and aesthetic prerequisites, Jasper MK2 RGBW excels in performance while maintaining reduced power consumption. Outfitted with special cables and customized mounting brackets, 345 units were delivered in the standard white RAL shade to harmonize with the hue of the steel structure while remaining discreet and installed in groups of three at the base of the main steel poles. Some units were employed to accentuate the nearby pedestrian bridge, achieving a seamless color coordination. Where required, the fixtures were provided with anti-glare snoots to allow an unobtrusive lighting outcome.

Every night during the recently concluded World Championships, the stadium's façade was aglow with a dynamic exhibition of vivid and vibrant lights, alternating between the colours of the Hungarian flag and the hues of the victorious states. The interplay between gentle radiance and pronounced focal points cultivated an immersive and captivating ambiance that captured the attention of passersby and visitors.

We take immense pride in this extraordinary undertaking, successfully fulfilled through the long-term cooperation with Lisys-Project Kft., based on the experience of the illumination project at the Puskás Arena accomplished in 2019.

Products installed:
345x JASPER MK2 RGBW Ultra spot RAL9003 with custom fixing brackets
57x Snoot for Jasper MK2  

Contractors: WHB Elektro Kft  -  Zala-Elektro Kft.
Installation: WHB Elektro Kft  -  Zala-Elektro Kft.
General Designer company and architect:  NAPUR Architect Kft.
Electrical design:  PROVILL Kft.
Lighting design, product supply, programming: Lisys-Project Kft.
Pictures:  Zsolt Hlinka
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