Nguyen Van Linh Intersection Bridge, Hai Phong

Nguyen Van Linh Intersection Bridge, Hai Phong

Renowned as the City of the Phoenix Flower, Hai Phong is the third largest city in Vietnam. As one of the most important commercial and industrial hubs in northern Vietnam, Hai Phong is striving to make tourism a spearhead economic sector, turning itself into one of the nation’s most popular destinations through a wise administration policy.

Owing to its fast urban development, Hai Phong is continuously improving its infrastructure and transport net while implementing the recent governmental resolutions related to the city aesthetic enhancement and technological progress.
Lighting design
PhuThanh JSC- Hanoi
Product specification and installation
PhuThanh JSC- Hanoi
PhuThanh JSC- Hanoi
According to this plan, a series of permanent bridges made of reinforced concrete and steel structures have newly been built in the city replacing ferries, old pontoon bridges or weak and aged structures, which have become inappropriate for the rapidly changing urban needs.

Nguyen Van Linh intersection bridge has been implemented to contribute to the construction of a transport axis connecting the city center area with the national highway no. 5, Pham Van Dong road and the southern area of the city, reducing traffic volume and speeding up the travel times.

One of the many bridges in Hai Phong, Nguyen Van Linh intersection flyover has a total length of 288.2m, a main span of 100m and a width of 19m. Based on 4 concrete pillars which sustain 4 motor lanes, the upper part of the bridge is fitted with a cable-stayed structure. Two large steel arches, which start together and diverge at their top, are connected by a series of steel tubes and fixed to the ground by a double line of tie-rods of different lengths.

In spite of some construction difficulties due to a reduced installation space, the early completion of the bridge led to a basic overcome of traffic congestion soon after its official inauguration on the occasion of the 64th anniversary of Hai Phong Liberation.
Conceived and fulfilled by PhuThanh JSC, leading company in the installation of LED technology in Vietnam, the lighting scheme of the bridge aims at illuminating its central part with a dynamic color change effect, while its long span border is enhanced by a single pixel chasing pattern.

An array of Powershine MK2 D RGBW units have been installed on sturdy metal supports located at the base of the arches in order to light up the upper part of the structure. 68 units of Jade 16 with elliptical wide optics in RGBW color configuration were installed in two lines to enlighten the supporting cable-stayed structure, delivering a tridimensional perspective to the entire bridge at night. Moreover, 58 Dune MK2 in RGBW color configuration have been embedded all around the basement of the piers, which support the bridge span, to highlight their shape in lively, bright colors. As a final decorative solution, almost 300 units of the high brightness single pixel fixture Graph-i-Cell in RGB color configuration enliven the whole bridge with a dynamic pattern creation shaping a brand new outstanding ambience.

A perfect combination of different luminaires, with different optics selection, output and color configuration, was capable of delivering the required emotional intensity to a functional structure also thanks to a high-performance digital control system. An ultimate solution for the most demanding projects, the selected control units perfectly orchestrate all devices and fixtures within the project, delivering a seamless lighting experience.
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