Novy Arbat, 36, Moscow

As an integral part of the recent renovation project of Moscow’s city centre, Novy Arbat Street, one of the most popular and fashionable avenues in the Russian capital, has lately acquired a further lease of life at night owing to a new LED-based sustainable lighting project comprised in the urban renewal plans of this street. After the 2012 successful installation at Novy Arbat’s buildings No. 6, 10, 16, 22, and 26, GRIVEN’s LED lighting fixtures have still been chosen to light up the government building located at no. 36 of the same central avenue.

The Moscow Government complex on Novy Arbat Street, formerly known as the Secretariat of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (CMEA), is one of the most important buildings in downtown Moscow. Erected in the years from 1963 to 1970, the CMEA is considered a masterpiece of the Soviet modernism and has become one of the major landmarks of the Russian city. Its slightly asymmetrical, minimalist design, reflecting both an architectural and a symbolic value, is made up of four distinct parts: three almost identical, three-dimensionally developing side wings rising up to a height of 105m and a lower, narrower central interconnection structure.
Lighting design
Product specification and installation
Hosting conference rooms, a hotel and administrative offices, the complex is shaped like a standing open book symbolizing an edifying open-mindedness towards culture and knowledge and their worldwide diffusion. The three wings embody different but at the same time very similar persons, who strive for communication, connection and convergence and emblematize the unity of East and West, of Europe and Asia while maintaining their peculiar identity. In conclusion, the building is a symbol of CMEA’s unity, people’s equality as well as of the universal human right to enjoy the undeniable benefits of knowledge.

Entrusted to the Russian group Svetoservis, the lighting concept of this peculiar building was first of all required to match the existing illumination scheme of Novy Arbat street through the use of a dynamic, multi-colored accent and flood lighting. Powerful LED spotlights with narrow optics featuring high luminous efficiency, long life source, low power consumption and highly professional technical features were therefore needed in order to deliver the required performance. Moreover, being equipped with offices, hotel and conference rooms, the multipurpose building demanded a discrete illumination system that in no way could annoy, disturb or damage its guests. Additionally, the total height of the building required a powerful, narrow beam fixture that could reach up to the top of the structure with an even light and color distribution.

According to these prerequisites, only the central block and the outside borders of the three wings were reserved a dedicated lighting approach. While for the side wings of the building a GRIVEN product had already been identified as optimal solution in terms of light output, long throw and eco-friendly approach, for the central part the development of a new dedicated release turned out to be necessary in order to comply with the lack of space on the ground floor and the extremely narrow and high surface to light up. The Griven R&D team has, once again, successfully faced the real challenge of engineering, in a record time, an incomparable custom-tailored ultra narrow beam wall washer, perfectly matching the several guidelines strictly requested by the project specifications.
14 units of a new powerful LED floodlight, Powershine D ULTRA SPOT RGBW, featuring an incomparably functional, ultra-narrow, sharp, long-shot beam of light, have been therefore installed at the base of the central block to light it up to the top, perfectly fulfilling the lighting prerequisites. Much more than an alternative optics configuration, POWERSHINE D ULTRA SPOT RGBW is a double cluster configuration LED projector, with full independent digital control of each LED bank, which is fitted with a total of 72 RGBW high brightness LEDs that provide an unprecedented astonishing white light output quality, as well as a wider variety of intermediate color hues.

44 units of Powershine MK2 D RGBW with spot optics have instead been positioned at the base of the sides of the three wings aiming at different levels in order to reach a perfect color and light distribution up to the roof. The chosen lighting scheme works in two different modes: during the everyday routine a fixed colors combination is chosen, while on the occasion of festivities and weekends a dynamic color sequence rekindles the building perfectly matching the multicolored dynamism of this bustling avenue.
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