OECD headquarters, Paris

Located on the edge of the Bois de Boulogne in Paris, the former Château de la Muette is nowadays the official headquarters of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Although the castle structure is totally modern, as it was completely rebuilt in the 1920s, the whole district is deeply immersed into the French Renaissance. The Chateau had once been a royal hunting-lodge, the birthplace of manifold princes of France, the residence of a succession of royal mistresses, the park where Louis XVI and Queen Marie-Antoinette used to walk together: an historical heritage impossible to do away with even for the busy representatives of the industrialized countries gathered in the framework of the OECD to co-ordinate their economic and social policies.
The OECD has recently decided to renovate the park which surrounds the castle following the global renewal process that interested the main building including also the implementation of new offices, conference rooms and restaurants.
The famous landscape architect Serge Eyzat has developed a dedicated, innovative concept that allows the OECD staff to enjoy the beautiful park area while working. The main idea was to give life to an experimental plot which could empower people to work and relax at the same time within the huge park of the former Château de la Muette by creating a kind of outdoor lounge space. The park layout offers now a double reading: an inside, user-friendly configuration especially developed for the well-being of the staff of the OECD, and an impressive outside view for the pleasure of the external by-passers.
According to this newly conceived landscaping plot, the lighting designer Dominique Doulain has consequently developed a matching lighting scheme with the purpose to enhance the new features of the park by night. He therefore decided to give a very natural rhythm to the lanes and paths of the park using recessed warm white lights embedded in the ground. On the other side, he definitely wanted to respect the real shape of the surrounding trees by simply enlightening their vertical presence in a respectful way playing with warm hues of white light. He therefore choose GRIVEN’s Dune W, a super compact white LEDs fixture, specifically engineered for exterior recessed applications. Fitted with the highest precision technology, This unit can be customized with a choice of 10°, 30° or 45° lenses to suit additional requirements of alternative beam creations, always preserving the highest luminous efficacy. DUNE W is available in both cold and warm color temperature white light versions to meet any design specification. Featuring an IP67 weather protection rating and a 2.000 kg deadweight load capacity DUNE W is suitable for ground mounting applications even in vehicle areas.
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