Osstem Implant, Magok

South Korea
A global leader in total implant dental solutions, Osstem Implant was a pioneer in South Korea when the country first approached the medical equipment industry. Offering the highest quality and an unrivalled competiveness, the South Korean company ranks first in Asia and in the whole Pacific Region, and fourth worldwide.

The company is internationally represented by 28 corporations in China, Japan ,USA, Germany and 70 sales networks spread all over the world. In the season 2017-2018, the brand became the most used by dentists, and the number one in implant fixture sales. Conscious of these dazzling achievements, Osstem is now focused on becoming absolute number one implant company by 2023.
Lighting design
Lee Jae Ham CEO and principal at p2ledcube.com
Product supply
Courtesy of p2ledcube.com
Lighting scheme
Based in Magok, Seoul, Osstem Implant headquarters have recently been fitted with a groundbreaking illumination to testify the company attitude to continuous innovation and progress. Divided in two separated constructions, the building features a modern layout with rounded geometric shapes that well embody the dynamic essence of the company.

Lee Jae Ha, CEO and principal at P2LEDcube lighting design studio, was charged with the illumination concept of the building. He imagined to light up the whole height of the 10-floor structure with an uninterrupted flow of colored light which should be concentrated on one of the rounded corners of the building. Named "The Edge”, the lighting project enhances a portion of the building in a dynamic color changing carousel which brightens up the austere, futuristic look of the complex.

Supplied and installed by Gravissystem, 12 units of the powerful Jasper in RGBW color configuration with medium optics were enough to transfer the original lighting concept on Osstem headquarters. Ideal for spot or flood lighting of building façades or large scale architectural structures, JASPER MK2 RGBW meets the latest design requirements and aesthetical prerequisites demanding for powerful and efficient lighting solutions capable of delivering high level performances with a reduced power consumption. Visible from afar, the effect is surprising and eye-catching, and delivers the deserved relevance to a symbol of technological innovation.

Products installed:
12 x Jasper RGBW with Medium optics

Lighting design: Lee Jae Ham CEO and principal at p2ledcube.com
Programming, testing, and commissioning: Gravissystem
Product supply and installation: Gravissystem
Pictures: p2ledcube.com
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