Presidential Palace Orangery, Warsaw

Classical enlightenment

Home to the head of state, Warsaw Presidential Palace is an icon of neoclassical style located in the heart of Poland’s capital city. After the façade renovation finalized with the help of Griven color changing LED fixtures in 2011, a new illumination system was required for a specific area of the presidential complex, the orangery.

Very popular from the 17th to the 19th century, an orangery was usually a room or a building, typical of fashionable residences, used as a shelter for orange and other fruit trees during the winter. A sort of large greenhouse ante litteram, the orangery of the presidential palace is a refined building in neo classical style, whose interiors are furnished with period furniture and adorned by statues, paintings, and other antiques.
Presidential Palace Orangery
Warsaw, Poland
Product specification and installation
Prolight Co.Ltd.
Griven’s official distributor for Poland, the company Prolight Co.Ltd., was charged with the design and implementation of an external architectural LED lighting system that could enhance the presidential palace orangery in different shades of dynamic white light.

With the help of Autodesk 3ds Max, the appointed company has created a dedicated lighting concept after an in-depth analysis of the technical and structural conditions of the building. The existing electrical installation had to be repaired, the old fittings dismantled and the pavement prepared for the new luminaires.

To comply with the project requirements, the designers needed a custom in-ground up-lighter, fitted with a stainless steel square flange, that could be capable of working at very low temperatures and of delivering different shades of white light with diversified optical effects.

The right solution was found in a custom version of our DUNE series of recessed luminaires. The fixtures were ordered with a bespoke square flange that was rapidly developed by Griven engineering team. Medium and elliptical wide optics were chosen to enhance the front columns of the façade of the orangery with different beams of light. The dynamic white versions chosen allow to change the color temperature creating an inspiring game of white light shades ranging from natural to warm white.

The recessed fixtures were ordered in the Polar Edition, which, owing to its front glass de-icing system with electronic voltage supply management, allows for instant light output and access to full power flux in the most severe cold weather conditions, granting a perfect functioning even in case of heavy snow or ice formation.

The final result is a soft, eye-catching illumination, which enhances the neoclassical features of the orangery with the elegance and discretion of a harmonious, dynamic white light effect.

Project manager: Sebastian Kozioł
Operation manager: Mateusz Oryl
Project renders: Krzysztof Gantner
Pictures: Prolight Co.Ltd.
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