Presidential Palace, Warsaw

Built in 1643, Warsaw Presidential Palace (also known as Pałac Prezydencki, Pałac Koniecpolskich, Lubomirskich, Radziwiłłów or Pałac Namiestnikowski) has been thoroughly reconstructed and partially renovated several times before reaching its elegant, neo-classic current look. Over the centuries, it has witnessed many important milestones in Poland’s history: the first written national Constitution, the so-called "3rd May Constitution”, was signed here in 1791; the building survived intact the 1944 Warsaw Uprising; it hosted the signing of the Warsaw Pact in 1955 and of the Treaty of Warsaw in 1970 and blessed the negotiations between Solidarnosc and the Polish Government in the early 80’s. It finally became the official seat of the Polish President in 1994.
Set along the Royal Route, the Presidential Palace has been recently enriched by a dynamic lighting system successfully designed and installed by GRIVEN’s authorized distributor for Poland, the company PROLIGHT Co.Ltd. Located next to the swanky Bristol Hotel and guarded by four stone lions, the Presidential Palace presents now a lively colored façade background capable of further enhancing the existing selective white light scheme. This new combination of changing colors and warm and cold white hues allows the massive vaulting of the ground floor, along with the ornamental columns, pilasters, balustrade and stone statues of the Corinthian order that decorate the whole façade, to stand out as gorgeously as never before.
To achieve this outstanding result without compromising the existing white light scheme, 16 POWERSHINE S RGBW Polar Edition have been located onto two metal structures symmetrically positioned at the opposite corners of the front railing. Featuring an integrated de-icing system with electrically heated glass, POWERSHINE S RGBW Polar Edition is specifically engineered to assure a comfortable functioning even in the utmost severe cold weather conditions, such as the case of the harsh Polish winter. With its 90 high brightness LEDs, POWERSHINE S RGBW Polar Edition delivers a strikingly remarkable performance in terms of both color evenness and light intensity. The combination of RGBW LEDs used offers an unprecedented astonishing white light output quality, as well as a wide variety of intermediate color hues. Moreover, the IP66 weather protection rate and the long life span guarantee for the permanent lighting application designed.

From now on, the four stone lions will surely be roaring not only at the presence of a truly chaste woman, according to the legend, but also at the stunning beauty of this brand-new lighting installation!

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